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The purpose of this forum is to provide a forum for cadets and friends of Roosevelt Military Academy to renew and maintain friendships and to post information of interest to the RMA Community. There are no restrictions on topics for discussion. We just ask that everyone keep their notes polite and civil. Don't forget to include a subject to your message.

RMA Rough Rider Association Message Forum
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Re: Re: My resignation

If this is the case, we as former cadets , we no longer have a Rough Rider Association as per our August 2006 get to gather.
We now need to Vote in a New President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasury. And take legal action to preserve the funds that were left over from the 2006 reunion

Re: My resignation

Mr Leland its begining to sound like your our only working member of the boad elected at the meeting that is helping the Alumni be what it was supposed to be. It would be a disservice to our organization if you would resign I hope you will reconsider your decision. I realize I'm not much help as I haven't taken an active role in the Association but seeing as I'm not taking an active role in the association it would be a disservice to resign> Sir please reconsider your decision.


Richard A Karpes...........

Re: Re: My resignation

In the words of that "Great icon of lawfulness and decency, that great American role-model," Rodney King,..." Can't we just get along?"

Re: Re: Re: My resignation

Coun't of said it better. Target hit!!! bravo

Re: Re: My resignation

Mr. Easton has left the House.