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Ocala mini-reunion

Gene Shalander Sr., and Lloyd E. Young Sr. should be congratulated on their effort to effect a mini-reunion in Ocala.

Whatever happenstance kept us away is not on these two

As Don Merideth told it, the boo-birds of Dallas should have applauded their effort, not the result.

Please be true to yourselves and don't hesitate to give us another invite.

Thanks again for your effort!

Re: Ocala mini-reunion

When this event was planned we had seen no rain for 4 months. the temperature had been in the high 70's to the low 80's for several weeks. I do not remember inviting the Alberta Clipper and the wandering monsoon that showed up at the last moment, but they were both here uninvited. General Patton's "immoderate weather prayer" did not help us it was bone chilling cold and wet. 40 degrees? that number is not on my thermometer. It was with great regret that we had to issue almost 20 "Cold Rain Checks" we hope that next time the normal sunny warm Florida weather will have returned. the event will be re-scheduled at a later date. Thank You for your understanding

Gene Shalander Sr.

Re: Re: Ocala mini-reunion

And to those that did attend I am sure that Gene is thankful for his NEW almost Completely built Storage building (lacking the hanging of the two doors) that was destoried last year, will come in handy again.
Just like the slab come rain or shine Company G was there.
Enjoy Gene- Ace

Re: Re: Re: Ocala mini-reunion

Oh Yes I am, grateful. It was like an old fashioned barn building. It was raining and cold and there they were out in it on that mini slab putting together a shed (kit) with a bazzilion screws, nuts and bolts. The gang refused to hunker down inside where it was warm (I do have heat in the house) and dry. They weathered the storm got soaked to the skin and built the shed in record time. Yes I do thank them. The shed is great. As usual with kits We even have a few parts left, not many but a few.

Gene Shalander Sr.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Ocala mini-reunion

I as so happy that Gene got his shed up. Im sorry for the bad weather you all had to support while you were there. One minute...honey would you bring me another and hold the little umbrella. I hate drinking that thing while getting poked in the face. Sure is geting warm here. The raft is big enough, cmon on. Dont forget your sunglasses. OK back to the message at hand. So Florida was cold and wet? Sorry, but next time it will be nicer. Hang on, Sure is warm in here. Open the door and pull the plug hone. Let me know when the tub is mt and I will get the raft out. Ok guys hope you have a great one the next time.