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Welcome to the Science Hill Drifters Message Board. Feel free to have any snowmobile related discussions or list anything you have for sale on this board. Have fun !

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Re: Sled for sale

New price.

$1150.00 o.b.o. must make room in the garage!

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1990 Safari LE, newer track (3 yrs), new speedo insert, cable, sliders, carbides, ski skins, rear shocks, slider springs, idler wheel (this season). Great running condition, 6000 km, never any motor issues. Kids are growing fast, need 2-up sled. 2002/2003 trail pass $ 1600.00 o.b.o. 519-578-2185 or

Re: Re: Sled for sale - by snowman - Dec 17, 2003 8:45pm
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