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Highly Frustrated

People in our community who know me know that I am a very reasonable person and know I am not afraid of standing up for my rights. I always try to do what's right and stay out of peoples business.

Now this trash business is getting way out of hand in my opinion and something needs to be done. For those of you who don't know me then I am disabled with a broken back and have nickle and cobalt in my system. I am not trying to use this as a crutch but rather to make a point.

I followed the rules stated in the Going Green flyer, put my garbage in the new can and put my grass clippings in bags when I mowed the day before. Now as we all know it's been raining alot the past few weeks and since the store was out of paper bags and it's been very wet out I used lawn (plastic bags) as when I mow I put the bags outside in their perspective places and fill them from there. Now this time the garbage men refused to pick the yard scraps up.

The part that makes me frustrated is I know for a fact that certain people in town still are allowed to get there garbage picked up without using any of the new means yet others like myself are singled out to be spacific to the letter.

I can't see where a new law can be a law for some and not apply to others especially without the means to follow them to the letter.

I am without a doubt going to the city council with this and have hopes of others in this great community backing me up. One thing I know is a law isn't a law if not everyone has to follow it. And it isn't right to disapline someone for trying to be nice as the paper bags would have surely gotten wet and fell apart.


Mr. Kessler