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Re: Finally some progress shown


Re: Finally some progress shown

What big secret? I agree with your concern, but they scheduled a public meeting to talk about the findings and then legal council and the auditor's office said they couldn't talk about it publicly until the auditor officially releases the report in November. Everything will be disclosed and would have been by now if it wasn't for this. So don't try to make something out of nothing. There might have been problems and the report will show them. People are committed to making sure it doesn't happen again, it will all be disclosed, and solutions will be presented.

Re: Finally some progress shown

Well, Well, Well, “So Don’t try to make something out of nothing”.

First of all, I want to thank those of you that have served and are serving our village as Mayor and Council. It is a thankless job. Those that have served are at least doing something for our City and it does take a lot of dedication and time.

Now, let’s get real. This unauditable problem is not something that just turned up this year. This is an unauditable rating for the past THREE years. It has been going on for over TEN years. The note from ‘It isn’t that easy’ has to be from a person on council. This is the typical, intimidate the messenger and overlook the problem, response expected from a council member.

I ask you, would you get on an airplane with a volunteer pilot? Would you purchase stock in a company with a volunteer President and/or Board of Directors? Covington is WAY past the time for the hiring of a City Manager. What is an assistant Fiscal Officer going to do? Get Covington in a whole faster? I find it laughable that those current council members running for re election actually used their past time on council as a good thing. If anything, they should be ashamed they were on council during this unauditable time and did nothing to correct or stop it.

Covington has to have someone running the city. A professional City Manager would make all of these problems go away. A city manager would assure these things never happen again. A city manager would make it possible for a volunteer Mayor and Council to get something done correctly. With a city manager Covington can stop flying in circles and get on a plane that is going to a productive destination.

You can probably tell, I will not be voting for re election of anyone in this Village Government Center.

Re: Finally some progress shown

I am perfectly aware of the problems of the Village of Covington and agree with the perspective that the last few years of the village administration have been unacceptable. I said "don't make something out of nothing" in reference to your criticism of the recent secrecy about the audit results. The Village is currently complying with the Auditor’s request to not talk about the finding until they are officially released. What this Village really doesn’t need right now is someone fueling a lynch mob. Things are moving the right direction and this unauditable mess really helped the momentum of those wanting change. Change is happening and is gaining support. But lynch mobs never solve anything. In fact, they many times turn off those whose support you are trying to gain because they don’t want to be affiliated with the conflict.

Re: Finally some progress shown

The Village Council in the past passed an ordinance creating a Village Manager position. The Citizens of Covington did not agree with that and placed it on a referendum ballot and the Citizens voted that they did not want a Village Administrator.

Re: Finally some progress shown

Dear “Also concerned”
I stand corrected. We have had some good council members in Covington. The ones you speak of had good foresight. I hope our current council has good hindsight. Things are very different now and our need for a person to run our Covington Corporation has never been greater.

Dear “It isn’t that easy”
What’s so hard? You don’t see any other villages in this situation. If our past mayors and council members were doing their job, (or if we had a City Manager) this “Unauditable”, “Deficiency in accounting practices” would not be happening. You say that discussing this current situation is going to “Fuel a Lynch Mob”. I like to refer to this group of people as Covington Citizens that are concerned, about the capabilities of those we elected, to run our village. Our council’s days of intimidation and shooting the messenger are over. It’s time the Covington elected officials start listening to the people in this community.

I said this earlier, until Covington has a City Manager to properly manage this Corporation we will just be floundering. We need someone, full time, working with the Township, County and State. We need someone establishing a five year plan, budgeting for purchases of new equipment, sidewalk maintenance, street maintenance, water tower painting and on and on. Our council should be looking at the forest, not the trees.

I have a good feeling about the current/2010 mayor and council. I think we have a good group that will be able to direct a City Manager and get the maximum benefits for our community and those that live and work here. Learn from the past, don’t re-create it.