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Christmas Spirit in Covington

The Covington Chamber of Commerce completed another project enhancing the image of their Village. Thanks to a “yes” vote from the Chamber Board of Directors, the Light Pole Banner Project was funded and a committee was established. An evaluation process was set in motion including a design committee and several supplier options were evaluated. In an amazingly short period, a custom design and color was chosen and approved. The order was placed and the brackets and banners were delivered.

As those of you who have purchased anything know, you never know what you will see when you open the box. That was the case with this project. All banners had to be returned because they were not the custom color that was ordered. Through good management and perseverance, the team accomplished a beautiful end result.

Without the support of our Covington Fire Department, we would not be able to see the beautiful banners. What seemed to be a simple request of the Fire Department to hang the banners became a major project and attended by the entire department. The hanging of the mounting brackets took the help of all members of our volunteer department and most of a day. For those who have never hung one of these banners, please note each bracket had to be placed in exactly the correct place on each pole. Height, spacing, and alignment are critical to the appearance once the banner is hung.

When the correct custom color banners finally arrived, they had to be mounted on the brackets and strapped for security. Again, the entire department attended on their own time to support the community. Covington is lucky to have an active Chamber of Commerce, but without the support of the community and our community-oriented Fire Department, we would not be where we are today.

Thanks to the Covington Chamber of Commerce, Banner Project Committee, and our entire Covington Fire Department, we have a new Covington look we can all share. The Chamber, Covington residents, and Covington retailers invite each of you to visit our village and enjoy our new village look.

Jay Wackler
Covington Chamber of Commerce