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Re: It is time to wake up

I am quite pleased that you made a reference towards me, and used me as an example.

I do believe that I should be full of excitement about going to college and getting a job one day. Going into the real world and experiencing life. All I'm looking forward to is maybe, one day having enough money to move out of this hole. I just don't understand, and cannot comprehend WHY things have gotten this bad.

Health care? It's a great, wonderful idea. If we had the money for it.

The war in the middle east? It used to be a good idea, now it's just costing us lives and money.

There's so much I wish to express... But words limit me.

Why do we elect people when we know they won't do anything? Isn't there some way to boycott outsourcing and companies ruined by unions? The banks made bad decisions in giving out loans, and now it's impossible for my father to get a loan for the land we bought a little ways away. I'm thinking why do we have to pay for what others have done to us?

Why will I be the one punished and neglected? Why will I have to be the one to suffer for others mistakes? Especially when all I've done in my life is try to be a good person and go to school.

Answer me WHY.

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