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REVOLUTION! No longer can we wait!

The time has come, the bells do toll, for the children of liberty, with unrelenting passion and unity to embrace the all enduring ever inflating pursuit for freedom! What is liberty? What is freedom? Equality? Are these but names? Are these but simple words vain fully instituted to appeal to the masses? Surely not! Freedom, liberty and equality coincide with a timeless unfaltering philosophy that ensures the universal and equal dispersal of rights to all. For all men and all women are bore equally upon this Earth we share. None may proclaim supremacy over another, we all breathe the same air, tread the same land, sail the same sea, and bleed the same blood. All men deserve the same rights, the same liberties and the same irreversible freedoms endowed and owed to all who breathe. The time has come to take back our nation from the hands of the fat cat imperialists in Washington, who have for too long oppressed not just us but the world! No longer can we stand by idly! No longer! It is time for a Revolution!

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