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Zeitgeist Discussion

I wanted to start a thread discussing different aspects of the movie Zeitgeist. I only assume that many people on this forum may have seen the movie, but if not it is posted on various websites.

After watching the movie a few times (and allowing time for the initial shock to wear off), I began to do some independent fact-checking and found that many of the factual claims made in the movie can be corroborated (although the stories are largely buried) by major news sources.

So, if anyone has seen the movie, and whether you approve or disapprove, please leave a comment and start some kind of discussion. My specific areas of interest are the sections on the Federal Reserve, the "bankers", and the elitist families connected to them.

Re: Zeitgeist Discussion

It was a confusing film with a lot of hype. They basically cut and paste from a bunch of other movies, and then for some reason that I don't really understand, the filmmaker adds an extremely convoluted and ill informed intro trying to explain that Jesus is a retelling of various other mystery religions.
My favorite part is how they relate him to Osiris, an Egyptian god predating Christianity. I can agree that Osiris was conceived before Christ, but the attributes that are described in the film are not those of the original Egyptian god Osiris, but those of a Hellenistic cult Osiris that actually mimics details from Jesus' story. There are a lot of parallels between Christianity and other mystery cults, but the film maker's choice leads me to believe that the movie wasn't necessarily checked for facts.
These days, all you need is some footage ganked from youtube, iMovie, and the soundtrack to Fight Club to make a convincing Conspiracy video.

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