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Start the Revolution Now

We need to take to the streets and peacefully display the discontent of the American people with the current establishment. We need to learn fro the successes and failures of predecessors. The problem is structural not functional!! Structural not Functional!!!

Re: Start the Revolution Now

We have been peacefully revolting. Public opinion polls have already indicated the discontent of the American people. I think we need to get more creative tactics.

Re: Start the Revolution Now

I agree with Demosthenes. People have been marching on Washington for years. The disapproval rating of the bush administration is no secret.

My opinion is that in order to cause real change, the idea of a citizen revolution should be shifted from something seen as seditious, self-righteous, or overtly crazy to something intended as a feasible option by the forefathers of this country. As to how this would happen, I'm not sure.

Re: Start the Revolution Now

I am not so sure that any kind of demonstration will work. It seems we have done that in score with no results. "A more creative" approach would be dangerous to those that are ignorant of the state of danger they live in. Most people by far still have their heads buried. We as a people have recourses we don't use to the full potential. Such as community access television, small radio stations that are desperate to find sponsors for shows. You have printers? Use them to get the message out and to inform. It all begins with action, and it does not necessarily have to be violent to be forceful. Walking up and down streets yelling and holding signs never did much good anyway except for the opposition to point at us and call us foolish. And always the guy with pink leotards or something just as silly shows up to confirm that indeed we are foolish jesters.
Produce film and get it on sites like Youtube while that is available because it won't be long unless it is fee generating.

Re: Start the Revolution Now

all i kno is that my revolution wont be peaceful if OUR govt ever tries to take my guns...they can come at me but i guarentere that the first 6 pigs arent going home that night, and thats where it will start for me, from then on its living in flats, planning car bombings, once they steal our right to defend ourselves from THEM , im going all the way. for my future kids, and thier kids

Re: Start the Revolution Now

Its time to use the same tactics that the criminals who stole this country are using. THose are reeducation by spreading the truth and fighting back against he powers that be. Its too late for non-violence, the stakes are too high

Re: Start the Revolution Now

killing cops and car bombings...this isn't northern ireland. i am by no means a supporter of the way this country is being run, hell, i live in a town a mile and a half long and the majority of police presence is in the area where the president of council live. and that's just one town out of fifty states. i whole heartedly love this country, not for how it is being run but for the glory days of why it was established. the days of our forefathers are long gone and any of thier beliefs and wants for this country have been raped by corruption. but it doesn't just being and end there, everyone is so narrow minded they see only the political problem and ignore the other issues at hand. you can't take the capital if you don't own the streets and right now the streets are being overrun with low-level scum. you want to go after cops i want to crucify the criminals. drug dealers, murderers, rapist, pedophiles...nail them to a cross and put their bodies up on main street with a sign around their neck so everyone entering can see what happens when you break the laws. not the laws of the judical system, the laws against man. the streets are running red with blood and all anyone cares about is what president bush is doing on holiday. no,it is not our job to clean up the filth but it was also not the job of a few brave men to take up arms against, at the time, the worlds strongest military power. the difference between what the original patriots of this country did and what we want...they were organized and had a common goal. people today forget the big picture, worried about the war, disease in food, price of gas...worry about america! the thousands that lose their jobs because companys out source to save money, the hundreds that die because of senseless gang violence, the mother who puts her childs body in the ground because of a drug overdose. everyone can worry about what CNN shows them...i'll worry about the reality that is on the other side of my front door.

Re: Start the Revolution Now

The whole problem to me is obvious. The reason a revolution seems like such a shaky idea and such a long shot in the minds of those of us who even consider it as a worth-while cause, is because of how ill defined it is...WHAT is the revolution? This guy wants to crucify murderers and rapists and clean up the streets...this guy wants to remove/dispose of those in power...the next guy just wants to live in peace until his back is up against the wall and he has to bust out the steel just to defend his right to own it in the first place.
Ill defined at best. Information is the key my brothers. I can think of nothing better than my mans suggestion to use our printers...our words...beat them at their own game. It's because of their fear mongering and propaganda that we have large misconceptions about the people in the streets and in other nations...people that don't look feel believe or see like us...It's because of their mind manipulation campaigns that we hide away just anticipating the day that we'll have to defend our loved ones from being detained/processed/exterminated...It's because we all have become complacent and listen to everything they tell us that it all came to be this way in the first place. The word IS spreading...but we all have to be united in the message for it to properly disseminate. What's more is to understand the message we all have to be educated as to the reality of what's going on...and that's all about being objective and well informed.
Non-violence is definitely the way to go...We all know neither the cops or military would hesitate to quell a substantial armed uprising of american citizens and we all know the public is too timid and full of fear to voice their protests while they sit awestruck as the body count rise when **** hits the why die when the information is the biggest weapon we have...your bullets will run out...they can cut out your tongue...they can disable your hands...they can destroy your mind...but not all of us...not if we have a consolidated message...
Information is the light. Knowledge is the sun by which all of us can live free again...Light is pure energy and they say energy can't be just keeps recycling itself...
So start a ******* conversation and let's get the word out one man or woman at a time. You wanna change the world? Change your community. You wanna change your own nation? Get involved with other people.

I'm just throwin this all out there, but man do what you can.

Re: Start the Revolution Now

We need a new revolution to take back what is already supposed to belong to us. We need to start by voting out of office each official who voted to bail out Wall St., then bailed out of the capital without passing any of the bills on the table that would have helped the taxpayers who are struggling.

The first thing we need to do is to write our elected officials demanding that the Federal Reserve be nationalized. The FED needs to be dissolved, because they are at the root of the problem. The FED hijacked our economy in 1913, later took us off the gold standard, used the US military to force the world to accept this fiat currency we now use, and now they just continue to print money, and borrow money from overseas. How long do you think this economy can survive under these conditions?

We need coordinated strikes on the industries that are causing us the most pain. If citizens refused to drive anywhere for recreation we could force the oil companies to lower the price of gas. We go to work, medical appointments, and school, but the rest of the time we stay home.

We stop purchasing anything we do not NEED. Music, video games, new clothes, cars, and Lord yes Starbucks. We tell the government that we will start buying again when they return the jobs to America, and charge high tariffs on anything imported to America.

We have given our elected officials a blank check to run the country, and they have driven the country into insolvency. We need transparency in all financial matters regarding this country. We need to make it known that we will only vote for people who are willing to give an accounting of the nation’s budget to the nation on an annual basis. The idiots we voted into office are taking care of people everywhere except here with our money.

I keep sending e-mails to everyone in my address book warning people that now is the time to act, but everyone thinks I am paranoid, or just plain crazy. I am trying my best to wake up as many people as I can reach while there is still time to save this nation.

Re: Start the Revolution Now

I agree fully with Scout and B.i.B. Violent resistance is ABSOLUTELY out of the question. The systems are too well in place. Any violent action will be immediately subdued, and it will either be spun into obscurity or against our cause.

Information and the spread of ideas are the only possibilities for change. There is already a significant and growing organization that is calling for such radical change. It is called the Zeitgeist Movement, named after the documentary. No other piece of media has ever done more to change my view of the world. I truly believe that dissemination of this video is absolutely vital if any type of political or social change is to come about.

I posted another thread about the movie, but for some reason it has not received any responses. WATCH THIS MOVIE and please reply to my previous post!

Re: Start the Revolution Now

Tip: Unite

Division(Divide to conquer) and Secrecy(required for deception) are the fuel of tyranny.

Division traditionally means setting the people against each other or removing the instinct to cooperate/help/defend others "them"; White vs Black, Religion vs R, right vs left, police vs population. The ultimate division is individualism, the me myself an I and screw the others attitude which is well rooted in the US where Unions were suppressed compounded by the inaction and isolation of the television. You can offset division by questioning prejudice, include others, agree to disagree with others while focusing on acting on the common ground, and most of all talk, at the kitchen table, in the bus, in line at the grocery, at the office, renew the bounds. Previous generation had the guts to land on beaches in hails of bullets we need the guts to say hello to a stranger in a cafe and talk about the situation, meet and organize.

An Aid to FDR said we were confronted with a controlled revolution(New Deal) or the overthrow of the capitalist system(the version where only he top benefied and lead to the GD). The GD people did not sit idlely has history is often thought, revolt was brewing, neighbours stuck together chasing out any repo men that came to reposses any neighbor in their area, workers talked of taking possession of factories. In France its the government that fears the people and the people dont hesitate to go on massive strikes when the gov craps on them(they have better working conditions and standard of living too). If people can manage to break the isolation and gather enough people a general strike is a potent non-violent means to make a point. If 1 million people across the US stop their cars for 15 min during rush hour on a given morning it could not be ignored as all dmonstrations are(which virtually never get covered by MSM).

fighting Secrecy requires rejecting the excuse of national security. Rejecting secrecy as a cost, but the cost of using it is far greater as JFK mentions in a speech. Privacy is required for private individuals but transparency is required for public sector activity, its public. People need to realize also the the media and gov can and do lie.

Re: Start the Revolution Now

Valid points made by all...However, sitting posting on a forum is lovely and a great way to share ideas. This is not changing anything, most everyone on this site agrees that we live in a sad state of affairs. So what are we going to do? Agreed we dont live in Northern Ireland but look at what they have accomplished. 2012 England gives them back their country. Since when did Patriots and Revolutionaries become Terrorists? I will tell you, since this country gave up and let our politicians think they are more powerful than the masses. This is definately not true. Peacfully trying to start a revolution...hmmm lets look at the hippy culture for a minute. They tried to start a revolution founded strictly on peace, drugs, and happiness. Now half of them,if not more, run part of the political machine. What happened to America...come on the country founded by revolution has become the same thing we fought against in the 1700's. Deeply troubling, isnt it?

Re: Start the Revolution Now

soo true ^^. but i also kind of agree with whoever up there said that violence would be stopped easily and turned against our own cause. but to me that only kind of matters. i think much of this can be a matter of principle. there may be things that will happen to us in the future where violence has to be done. its sad and its sick, my relatives are veterans and i know how it can hurt and affect people for the rest of their lives. do i wanna fight and ruin the rest of my life and give up my potential (all i really wanna do in life is own a marketing firm)? NO i do not, i want a family i want a nice life. the perfect lesson for all of us is the movie The Patriot. where sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Re: Start the Revolution Now

Is a pecefull revolution something that will work for the time we live in? I say no! Could a revolt over the establishment we live in be simple an peacefull NO! Was our constitution and bill of rights set up for the citizens of this country to keep the goverment in check? I belive it was. I also belive we have lost that control as citizens of this country somewhere.

Are we not at a time we need to tell washington as a country we are not ok with big corprate america controlling goverment! Can we not as 300 million stop opression that the top 1% put on us!

Think about it our military force is backed by the working class of our sociaty, Not the well off controlling few.

Call me foolish an uneducated but could our countrys small entropuners who our looking after their employees as a priority be beter fit to control this contry.

Could our country not be better if the goverment worked in fear of it people than a goverment keeping its people in fear of it.

Is that not where we are now a country in fear of goverment.

It is time to take control time to over throw the power we are scared of. It will not be peacefull it will not be easy it will not be without blood shed but if the majority actually band together as they did over 210 years ago why cant we make this the world power it should be. A power of human freedom.

Re: Start the Revolution Now

Well said. It has come to that. Time to stop living in fear of our government and make them fear the people as it should be. We have the constitutional to remove them, so let's organize and get it done!

Re: Start the Revolution Now

What we Need is to develop a simple (minimal) platform that will achieve the immediate goals and America will support such as;

Decentralization (restoration of Constitutional Gov.)
Elimination of the IRS(& the Income Tax) & the Fed (return to gold standard)
Emasculation of Congress (Term limits-Anti-Lobbying Laws-No Perks or Pensions-Salary determined by the States that sent them)
Restraining of the Federal Courts ( to only matters of dispute between parties of differing states)
Political Reform (Universal ballot access laws- Outlawing all contributions from any individua outside a candidates disctrict and any non-individual PERIOD- proportional representation system instead of a "winner take all 50.1% system" we now have.

Or something like that. The Key is keep it simple but far reaching in its implications. Once developed THEn we educated the public who can support spicifics an not just a "concept"

Just my opinion, I could be wrong :-)

Re: Start the Revolution Now - Call to action!

Here is what I'm doing to show someone cares and start the spark. On the night ( may be this upcoming Tuesday ) President Obama goes on TV to talk our nation into more troops - I'm lighting a candle and putting it in our front window. I know it sounds weak, but if we get the word out - it could become a powerful start to other things. I have already emailed some friends and they have started to email others. ( as of tonight I have 443 emails from people I don't even know saying they will be with me on that night and their candles will be on) Please copy this message, idea, call to action and email it to just 2 friends, ask them to do the same and be part of our moment of action coming up. "It is better to light a single candle than to sit and curse the dark."
I'm Pete O'Neil, and I'm not going to take it anymore,
you can email at

Re: Start the Revolution Now

I agree, peace is good and its something that i would like 2 see. But i dont think picket signs and mass protest will be quite the thing we need. I dont know exactly what, but other methods are surely needed.

Re: Start the Revolution Now

If your "peacefull" protests will ever gain a heavy thought in the majority of brainwashed civilian mind "our" government will start to look at this group as a threat, the media will scream treason and terrorism has invaded. Then your "peacefull" protesters will be met with our own brainwashed army instead of them carrying anti protesting sings they will be carrying bullets, bombs, mines, gas. and if that doesnt whipe the threat out we will be met with air assult.

The problem is real your answers to the problems are to futile, do you really think this super power will let some peacefull speaking people overthrow the gov.?

(it would be nice if it wouldnt of came to this, and words still held meaning, and they do, just not to some greedy self centerd people in office nothing will make them shift besides an apperance of the high spirit and destroyer) or their own deaths by hands of humanbeings, not divine not intervention of oooooooooo
then sit down and have a 1v1 conversation to impose your ideals on them. show them this is the only "right"

Re: Start the Revolution Now

Well... To put it simply, peaceful protests won't help anything here. Just like those people that fight against abortion, it's never going to change. These people are ruled by the green monster, and the only thing that will change that is asserting our beliefs through force and aggressiveness. We've been run over for years now, decades even. Aren't you kind of sick of it by now? I know I am. I'm a seventeen year old girl, and I'm sick of this crap. I'm intelligent enough to understand our country is messed up and needs fixing. We won't be able to achieve this without taking action NOW, instead of waiting for Washington to do it. WE have to do it. I don't ever want to have to hurt someone, or be involved in a war. Yet I'm to the point that I think this is necessary.

I don't know... But in my heart, I feel this is what we need to do. Get plenty of people together and just try to get what we want by force. I'm tired of waiting. I don't want MY future messed up because of these lobbying politicians selling themselves out for a quick buck.

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Re: Start the Revolution Now


You are not alone. There are many like you, that are scared to say so.

But, we must not become violent.
Stay progressive and open-minded.
Don't let them get you down.

I have posted a new topic, and you might find it interesting.

Citizen Zero

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