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For a revolution.

So, you all want a revolution. I can dig it. who doesn't? we have so many people in the USA who are told as kids they are free, and when are adults learn that freedom is just a make up word to make self enslavement look better. Boy do we get ****** then, the only time most of us can remember being more upset was when we found out there was no Santa Claus. We could forgive our parents, they were just trying to make the over indulgence of - adequacy by purchasing power- a little more fun. The people running the show however, those that drove our parents to play this little economic game, "American Christmas" that we will have trouble forgiving. So the government lies to us, there is no Santa, and slowly but surly the dream we were taught in school that was "the American Way" is slowly fading off into the distance, replaced by a shroud of tyranny and despotism; dressed up in a pretty word: "Democracy". The first step to overcoming is clearly making sure EVERYONE sees the obstacles at hand. If your here, reading this now, you probably have an inkling with whats going on in the world today. My advice is do the research, hit up hit up torrent sites ( is a good one or just google it)for "alex jones" or "911 truth". and once you get the tools, and I wanna stress, These resources are tools, wells of information, how you use them is at your discretion; my suggestion is get it out there. Learn the facts, memorize them! Take this seriously, make a scene, tell strangers you meet for the first time the truth. Rattle off the scary FACTS that are out there. Forget about first impressions, who cares if it keeps you from getting laid at a party; whats more important, your social status, or the stopping the wheels in the cog that is looking to engineer itself as the meek of the Apocalypse. ENGINEER that is the word for it. these people want to put cancer in your vaccines, and they've BEEN putting cancerous agents in your food for years. It's not a joke, and it NEEDS to be taken care of. So I call on you Project For a New American Revolution. It starts with the truth. Once the truth is out, the movement will be massive, and a massive movement, not even bombs or guns or sound technology cannons can stop. Viva La Revo-****in-lution!

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