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Check out Libertarians for 911 Truth

Check out my new group, Libertarians for 911 Truth. I started this group because I'm sick & tired of too many libertarians dancing around the issue of the 911 attack. There is a mountain of evidence that 911 was an inside job but there are still some libertarians who refuse to look at this evidence, and sadly, there are even a few "libertarians" out there who are actually supporting the phony "War on Terror" and use 911 as one of their main excuses for this.

I also think that the Libertarian Movement has an excellent opportunity for recruitment by reaching out to people in the 911 Truth Movement. The 911 Truth Movement has grown rapidly over the past 5 years and 11 months since 9/11/01 and is now much larger than the Libertarian Party. While there are already some libertarians who are 911 Truthers, there are many other people in the 911 Truth Movement who come from all over the political spectrum. Some of these people are young people and/or are new to politics. As a group, 911 Truthers are already skeptical of government and are opposed to the foreign wars that have been launched as well as the domestic police state measures that have been passed in the name of 911. These people should be ripe picking for recruitment into the Libertarian Movement.

If you agree I ask you to join my group and let's make the most of this opportunity. Here's the link.

Re: Check out Libertarians for 911 Truth

Our government didn't cause 9/11, it wasn't an inside job. Every bit of "evidence" suggesting otherwise, has already been disproved by impartial scientists. Here's what really went down: Before Bill Clinton left office, he tried desperately to kill Osama, knowing that he was eminent threat to America. During this time, all of the Bush administration, and members of the PNAC told him that he was wasting time and money, and urged him to leave the middle east. When he was forced out of office, he left a comprehensive report and Dick Clark as chief of the national anti-terrorism security council. When the Bush administration entered office, for nine months, they totally ignored the report Clinton left for him, and demoted Richard Clark. The PNAC's primary objective is taking control of the oil reserves in the middle east. In their mission statement, they admit, that in order to get there they would need some catalyzing event similar to Pear Harbor. They allowed 9/11 to occur. They didn't know exactly what would occur, or how, or when, but they knew that there was a terrorist threat.

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