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George W. Bush

An assassination of our current president would not benefit our cause, it would give fuel to the fire of globalism in the American minds. America is too sensitive to this kinda of ****, therefore, how must we go about revolting? We can protest all we want, but all they do is ignore us, or use what we say to create a platform for a new president to run on. Democrats are still just as much of an enemy as the republican party. They are both one and the same, arguing from different ends of the same string.
How then, can we legally, peacefully, constitutionally carry out this revolution of displacing the powers that be and reform to what?
Violence proves to be futile. Diplomacy is tainted by special interest. Protest is simply ignored. We as a people are looking at another depression, a reason to succumb to a police state, a land owned and operated by the U.S. Government, which is still in jeopardy with talks of a North American alliance (led by the United States of America as a government). Tell me this is not a great union to defeat the "terrorists", to protect our special interests "as a people". What are we trying to save? What are we trying to protect? "Grave implications", as Roosevelt explained in his exiting speech in describing the industrial military complex, is what we need to be resisting. The very entity that our most honest United States president had warned us about is, well, our own government, and its cooperations of the globalist interests of numerous financial, governmental, and religious authorities that influence the very ends of population control via "micro-management" and "education", which altogether disproves the foundations from which we, as Americans, have established ourselves on.

I, Chris Bowlin, am a true patriot. I stand for what's right and true in the American Dream, the Dream untainted by special interest, politcal interest, or global interest. How can we carry out this revolution? By what means? What can we do, being as oppressed as we are, to oppose and possibly bring an end to this socialist dream of "elite" and "right"? I'm not a slave.

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