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119-The New American Revolution?

What is 119? Is the hidden number that is showing up on the Internet a date for a huge protest, a date for Revolution, or a hoax?
On Good Friday of 2007, a special campaign was launched on the Internet. Only a few people know exactly what it is, and they are not giving many details.

The number 119, can be found hidden on certain websites who support the campaign. So far, it has appeared mainly on American Anti-war, Pro-free speech and liberty, and various 911 truth movement sites, prompting bloggers to suggest the obvious reversal of the date of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001...119 or 01-01-09... January 1, 2009.

So, is it a date?

Most likely, but for what we can only far.
Some have said it will be a huge protest, perhaps over a million people. Others think it will mark the beginning of a "New American Revolution". If the latter is true, it is no wonder they aren't talking about it to much.

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