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Draloo Arts, Inc. has completed it's first tax year. I have been thinking about filing my business' taxes. My records exist only in my head, a box of office trash, and the unknown quanity of dollars that have flown like a flock of Starlings from my wallet. I just don't believe that they will understand that I spent six or seven thousand dollars ( I really don't know. It may well be much more) on a Company that had gross revenues of $36 and that I still think the business a success and that I am happy with the result. They wouldn't question it if I were ******* away this money going to Indian Casinos but they will not be able to get their pointy little heads around this. If I file taxes they will call me to the IRS for a session of waterboarding. If I don't file taxes they will attach electrodes to my testickles. What should I do?

Re: Art Project

Michael, Is this really you? Sorry I couldn't make it on Wednesday January 2,2008, but family issues got in the way, and honestly I wanted to remember you the way I remembered you.Someone gave me your postcards and I was stunned by the art work you created. But then, you always were a unique kind of guy. I remember the cabanas - you were ahead of your time.
I showed my daughter your web page and she was awed! I'm sure she'll share it with her friends.
Miss you, Michael - wish I hadn't wasted so many years not getting to know you better. Barbara Soper


WOOLARD, Michael, age 54, of Pembroke Pines, Fla., who ran the streets of the Fan when he was young, sailed away to another dimension on Christmas Eve. In his youth he was one of the original members of The Troupers Acting Company in Richmond under the direction of W.R. "Hutch" Hutchinson, a mentor and father figure to many of us. Mike despised lies but loved the truth. He did not easily suffer fools or hypocrites. His vocation was medical radiology of which he said, "I help heal the sick, comfort the dying and alter the DNA of the rest." Mike's avocation was creating art under the nom de guerre, "Draloowekim," and he was a most accomplished artist who painted controversial, highly political paintings initially using oil on glass via toothpicks. In his later artistic period, he created paintings using a device of his own invention that shot paint filled condoms at a canvas at high velocity putting the Art in Artillery. His art reflected his pacifist, anti-war sentiments and his desire that we return to the aspirations of our founding fathers. Thousands of free-thinking people around the globe have been influenced by his work. While loading the Art Cannon in his backyard and hoping the explosion would not summon the swat team, the angels took him. He died while creating a painting intended as a Christmas gift for his loving and tolerant wife, Terry. His daughter, Jessie, a beautiful, highly intelligent scholar attending the University of South Florida for a career in linguistic anthropology and diplomacy found him in mid-painting. He is also survived by his, brothers, Ravone and Donald Woolard of Richmond, and his sister by proxy, Kathy Winston. Mike flew away in the process of worshipping his third love, after his wife and daughter. God speed, Mike, you will be missed in ways that words cannot express. See ya later, alligator. Memorial service, Wednesday, January 2, 2008, 5 to 9 p.m., Scarano Funeral Home Pembroke Pines, Fla. 33024.

~ "There was a time, a brief and shining time, when time was mine and I was free." ~Michael Woolard

Published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on 12/31/2007.

Re: Art Project

The Art Cannon

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