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Green Bay

Thoughts on Green Bay - Collins Kids most memorable to me because I'd not seen them before, and they were a delight. Barbara Lynn NEVER disappoints, she is just the best, should have had a longer set. Ray Sharpe was pretty cool the first time or two I saw him, but is now becoming kinda tiresome. (Just another loud guitarist) Big Sandy - what a GREAT MC. He took it so seriously, he wore a tux, he did his cool little dance. The Cadillacs sang "The Girl I Love" - I had almost forgotten about that one, how much I loved it. It was the song of the festival for me. Wanda Jackson, what a gracious lady. Hated to miss Ferlin, Jack Scott and Narvel, but that was before I got there.

So great to see Sleepy, George and Ed and Bill Clark (what a great time we had with them!!), Rosie, Deke, Frankie and Roy Head.

Thanks to Marc and Action Packed Events for their hard work to make this great event come together.