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Lady Literature's InnerSunrise Celebrating Light Love and Laughter

Welcome Friend, Welcome Traveler! Selam! Shalom! Slainte (Keltik selam)! Welcome! Hos geldin Arkadas, Hos Geldin Yolcu! We hope you enjoy the time you spend in our intercultural art, music, and literary world, and leave us your thoughts and impressions, like a carving upon an ancient rock, to be seen by other fellow travelers, well into the future! Umariz ki interkulturel sanat, muzik, ve edebiyat sitemize ziyaretiniz sizi memnun edecek. Lutfen burada duygularinizi, dusuncelerinizi, filozofinizi, bir agaca yazmis gibi, yazip ekleyin ki baska Arkadaslar ve Yolcular sonsuzluga dek okusunlar. We are all Bani Adam, sons & daughters of Adam - (hepmiz Bani Ademin cocuklariyiz) we are in this world but not of it. And it is about time to not only develop a global but a cosmic consciousness. As far as I am concerned, it isn't that important where one was born but how one lives. In our personal case the cookie crumbled this way that we were formed by various countries, cultures, faiths - some of them more in harmony with our essential being than others. However, all of them having left marks on us and made us into what I' m now: "Neither of the East nor the West, but of the World!"

Lady Literature's InnerSunrise Celebrating Light Love and Laughter
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Andromakhe, Veil of the Goddess and Mercury

On this fine day of August, I would like to tell you the tale of how my novel, "Andromakhe, A Novel of Troy and a Woman's Triumphant Valor," got published.

You see, swift-footed Hermes (a.k.a Mercury)permitting, Andromakhe will be available today, in convenient electronic form, via Fictionwise ....
Yes, Andromakhe is part the Lands of the Morning series, and those of you who've read Trojan Enchantment, its contemporary prequel, will see
the connection. However, as in the other novels in the series,Andromakhe can be read as a novel standing on its own.

Oh, I said Hermes/Mercury permitting, for this rascal, when in retrograde motion, plays havoc with all matters of communication, and "Andromakhe" had to deal with her share of obstacles as well. For example, she was supposed to reach Fictionwise's shelves in July, but the Trickster went retrograde :-). (Hermes/Mercury in Greek/Roman mythology, is the Olympian god of commerce, boundaries and of the
travelers who cross them, of shepherds and cowherds, of orators and wit, of literature and poets, of athletics, of weights and measures and invention and commerce in general, and of the cunning of thieves
and liars. And we novelists just thrive on lying!)
So what exactly is Mercury Retrograde anyway? This year's Mercury retrograde dates: Mar. 2 - 25, 2006, Jul. 4 - 28, 2006, Oct. 28 - Nov. 17, 2006. During these dates(as viewed from the Earth) the planet
Mercury seems to be traveling backwards in comparison to its normal direction. Since Mercury rules communications, travel, and our thought
processes, it is no surprise that when this aberration of normality occurs, we often experience delays, miscommunication, mental lapses,
along with technical or electrical breakdowns. Computers go crash caboom, "Trojan Horses" gallop through Norton and AVG, mail gets lost,
sweethearts discover that they are in Babel and men are from Mars and women from Venus, for sure.

Well, getting back to Andromakhe and the Veil of the Goddess.

It all began last year, when I read an advance copy of the novel, "Veil of the Goddess," by author Rob Preece, and was very much impressed.
"Veil of the Goddess" is a timely thriller(Iraq, the True Cross, a terrific, sharp heroine, and a hero I would not mind dating myself) that would make John Le Carre proud! The tale was fast-paced,told vividly, the locales smacked of a keen-eyed author who had
traveled around, and I wanted to know if Rob Preece had indeed done so.

I contacted Rob Preece and a correspondence ensued. I was entranced writing my epic novel of Troy, from the point of view of Andromache, forever-loyal wife of Hector, immortalized as Tamer of Horses and the
Defender of Troy, and was losing hold in the 21st Century. My husband began calling me Andromakhe, and cracking jokes: "So, how's the weather in Troy, today? Still windy? What's the casualty count? Has
Agamemnon released Briseis from his clutches, yet? By the way, tell Hector I say hello."

Meanwhile, during my correspondence with Rob Preece, I discovered that he was very familiar with the legend and its different versions by different authors. So I fell into the habit of asking for feedback. As it turned out, Rob Preece is not only an author, but a publisher, and in the end, he offered to publish Andromache ("Andromakhe" for I spelled it with how its pronounced in Greek) in e-version. What a boon to be published by someone who is not only familiar with the subject, but also an author whose writings I enjoy!

If you wish, you can read a little more about Trojan Enchantment and Andromakhe, An Epic Novel of Troy and a Woman's Triumphant Valor, here:

It makes me smile to imagine that The Goddess embraced Andromakhe,
Andromakhe who had such a deep faith in Her throughout her most
heart-wrenching trials and tribulations, circa 1200 B.C.E, in this 21st Century, with her Veil.