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Lady Literature's InnerSunrise Celebrating Light Love and Laughter

Welcome Friend, Welcome Traveler! Selam! Shalom! Slainte (Keltik selam)! Welcome! Hos geldin Arkadas, Hos Geldin Yolcu! We hope you enjoy the time you spend in our intercultural art, music, and literary world, and leave us your thoughts and impressions, like a carving upon an ancient rock, to be seen by other fellow travelers, well into the future! Umariz ki interkulturel sanat, muzik, ve edebiyat sitemize ziyaretiniz sizi memnun edecek. Lutfen burada duygularinizi, dusuncelerinizi, filozofinizi, bir agaca yazmis gibi, yazip ekleyin ki baska Arkadaslar ve Yolcular sonsuzluga dek okusunlar. We are all Bani Adam, sons & daughters of Adam - (hepmiz Bani Ademin cocuklariyiz) we are in this world but not of it. And it is about time to not only develop a global but a cosmic consciousness. As far as I am concerned, it isn't that important where one was born but how one lives. In our personal case the cookie crumbled this way that we were formed by various countries, cultures, faiths - some of them more in harmony with our essential being than others. However, all of them having left marks on us and made us into what I' m now: "Neither of the East nor the West, but of the World!"

Lady Literature's InnerSunrise Celebrating Light Love and Laughter
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Turkish Law Forum

To consult about disputes concerning Turkish legal system for free you can join Turkish law forum at yahoo groups
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Re: Turkish Law Forum - Thank you for the post!

Dear Merve;
I know you are a young Turkish lawyer, one of the bright, courageous women who are shaping the vibrant future of Turkey. I will visit the site. God bless!

Becoming a lawyer in Turkey

Dear Kristina
Regarding your question about how i became a lawyer
I've decided to become a lawyer at the age of 14 cause that was the time for me to make a desicion at school since we had to choose our lessons according to our future education.
To clearify ;
If i wanted to be a doctor i had to take chemistry and mathemetics courses and if i wanted to be a lawyer i had to take literature,history etc.
So I thought for a while about what i wanted to be in the future and i decided to become a lawyer
At that time 5 years of primary education was a must(now it is 8 years ) in Turkey
and after that 5 years i had an examination this was a national exam for a special kind of high school in Turkey which is called Anatolian High School
I passed the exam and i went to one of the Anatolian Highs in Izmir .That means i had 1 year prep class for learning english the school is 7 years totally and i learned German as a second language there
After that i had another exam for University and i succeded to study at the Faculty of Law, where i wanted to be most.
That was a state University (by now there are private law schools as well)
After 4 years of education at the faculty of law we have to work as a trainee lawyer for one year.And only after that 1 year we swear at the Bar Association and become a lawyer.
There are over 18.000 lawyers only in Istanbul.
Graduating from a law school is not that hard if you like reading really much .But becoming a good lawyer is something else,that's what i'm trying to do
I know i've written so much i hope you'll find this informative.(I can't believe there are much more to tell you but i'll tell them later on,don't want you to get bored.)

Re: A young Turkish woman - lawyer Turkish Law Forum

Dear Merve;
Beautiful post, thank you! Good to see that Turkey is continuing to progress (re. women's rights and personal freedom, to be the best you can be).

But also, I totally appreciate what you wrote here:
>>>Graduating from a law school is not that hard if you like reading really much .But becoming a good lawyer is something else,that's what i'm trying to do<<,

Dear young lady, I don't doubt you will be good, and you ARE good right now, and I am proud to cheer you on

Blessings to you and yours,
Kristina OD