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Re: Don't all religions have the same purpose?

Do you think the standpoint of Christianity is just to improve ourselves and help others only?

Re: Don't all religions have the same purpose?

Christians can't make themselves better. Christians expect the god to do that. They are lazy and some don't do any good things. I know some Christians who say they believe in the god and don't go to church. They do some good things sometimes but they do many bad things. I know a Christian who goes to church and tries to do the good things, but he says the good things don't make him a Christian, only the god does. That doesn't make sense. I don't think Christianity is like the other religions.

Re: Don't all religions have the same purpose?

Your observation and deduction are very logical. Yes, Christianity is unique. Christians always think of themselves sinners and they can only be saved by believing Jesus Christ.

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