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Re: Buddhism

Your comments on Buddhism are interesting. I like your suggestions that we are to be compassionate and to have maitri. Oh, that the world was filled with more of this.
I am sure many Buddhists would agree with you on your summary of Buddhism being the things you listed.

Your last line that "Jesus teaches nothing but Buddhism" struck me and I couldn't help but wonder what drew you to make this conclusion? It would certainly be good for you to read the teachings of Jesus and note where you conclude that he is teaching Buddhism. I would be interested to have you lay this out so I could follow what you mean. I understand you may see some similar things in the teachings of Jesus (love, do unto your neighbor as you would have them to unto you, etc.), but I was surprised that you would say that Jesus teaches "nothing but Buddhism." You might want to read the article I wrote: "Buddha and Jesus: Different Guises--Same Message?" which discusses the questions of "Jesus is the same as..." type conclusions. I would be very interested after reading this in your conclusions.

Thanks so much for posting your ideas on this site.

Stewart Redi