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Hi all 36 BTY


My harddrive screwed up on me and i lost all my dam emails i got.

Yes this is the big nosed lanky No3 of C30.

Wheres Tony COOPER is he still about?

Eddy send us an email again and anyone else that remembers me.

Im glad you all had a great time at the reunion, bit sad i missed it, but i will be at the next one.

C u all soon


Re: Hi all 36 BTY

yes i remember u and your right you had a very big nose last i heard he was back in leister.Dave Cooper said he was working in a sock factory or something. What happened to Pete Gladden did you stay in touch after he became a full blown boxheadthis message from the lanky big nosed no3 of c20

Re: Hi all 36 BTY

Is that the Lodden based tim seely or maybe im thinking of somebody else

Re: Re: Hi all 36 BTY

OMg someone remembers where i was born /hide.

Hehehe yep its me in the flesh.

Now living in Basildon, Essex btw.



Re: Re: Re: Hi all 36 BTY

Tim I would know as Im from Kings Lynn