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51 Kabul Battery Royal Artillery


My name is Sgt Dan Aitken currently a serving within 39 Regt RA. Just to keep you all informed 51 Kabul Bty RA is coming out of suspended animation again on the 1st of Sept 11. I need help to gather as much battery history as possible for the new battery history room I am currently running with. This could be any thing from old pictures you may have to battery photo's etc etc. Also as im aware the last bty T-shirt colour was green however prior to that was royal blue some infomation on the exact colour would be brill.I feel that battery history is very important to a soldier young or old. Please feel free to get in touch via email if you leave a number i will almost certainly get back in touch.

Gentlemen you time spent on this matter is very much appreciated.



Re: 51 Kabul Battery Royal Artillery


i have posted it on the 50 Missile Facebook site, all info will go to me as there is no email address shown on this site for you, if i get anything i will forwrd on for you.


Re: 51 Kabul Battery Royal Artillery

Hallo dan I just happen to have a 51 bty green T shirt unused from my days as sigs sgt at 50msl if you would like it just e mail me with the address to send it to regards pete pope