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Manchester Reunion 2011

Alteration to Menu for the Manchester Reunion

Due to a discussion taking place on the forum page of our web site the committee have arranged with the hotel to change the menu from a sit down meal to a buffet at the same cost (no we are not “still in the army”) although we are affiliated to the Royal Artillery Association and as an ex service organisation proudly display our standard at various events throughout the country letting others know of where we began and where our allegiance lies.
It would be helpful if people attended the AGM’s and let their feelings be known there as it can then be debated & voted on democratically, like most humans our balls are Gristle and not Chrystal and we cannot read minds, if for some reason you cannot attend the AGM then there is always a suggestions book displayed at every reunion so please use it, (help us to help you).
The reason we negotiated with the hotel was to make it easier for as many members as possible to attend at the cheapest price we could obtain all staying in the one venue with all the benefits that this brings. There are cheaper hotels in Manchester but they are not large enough to hold our numbers and by the time you have factored in the cost of evening meals for the Friday and the cost of Taxi’s, then we feel we have obtained an affordable venue for our function.
Entry to the event on the Saturday will be by ticket only and if you do not have a ticket or are not on the list of attendees then the hotel security staff will not let you in to the function until after the buffet has been cleared away.

Re: Manchester Reunion 2011

Here here Jim well said.