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Steve Streeper
Arco, Idaho
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Hodaka dirt bike for sale

Hi-My sister's husband recently passed away and he had an old Hodaka that she needs some info. on. She has no idea what year it is or anything about it. Is there some way she can tell or do you know someone is the Oklahoma City area that she could speak with about it to get some info. She would like to sell it but has no knowledge about it. I would appreciate any info. you could give me. Sincerely, Cheryle

Re: Hodaka dirt bike for sale

Touch bases with Charlie.

Charlie Robinson
Sooner Hodaka
4 Lori Lane
Shawnee, OK 74804
ph. (405) 964-RACE (7223) .

" Our good friend Charlie Robinson is now up and running full bore. Charlie has rebuilt some of our shifter assemblies with excellent results and also supplied us with a new much improved aluminum airbox we are using on the Wolverine. Charlie does cylinder boring, motor rebuilds, shifter assembly rebuilds, complete bike rebuilds and about everything you can want or need for your bike. Give him a call and tell him Paul sent you." racefab3@yahoo.com

. . . and keep the rubber side down!

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