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ace 100

I have a bonanza mini bike with a hodaka ace 100 motor. What is the proper oil to gas ratio and what type oil is used & what fluid goes in the transmission?

Re: ace 100

Use any reputable brand of oil designed for pre-mix use and follow the oil manfacturers mix ratio recommendation. I'm partial to Yamalube (pre-mix) oil @ 40:1. It is readily available and economical. Use premium grade fuel.

The factory original recommendation for clutch/transmission oil is NON-detergent 30 weight motor oil, 20 ounces (MUST be non-detergent). I'm partial to BelRay motorcycle gear oil - 70W (it is a different viscosity rating for gear oil than for motor oil). The BelRay product is designed for both the high pressures it experiences in the gear tooth meshing AND for the wet clutch.

(Keep the rubber side down!)

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