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Our mission is to provide a forum for questions, suggestions, tips, and discussions related to Hodaka motorcycles.

Like true "Hodaddies", please be responsible, friendly and helpful and keep content "G"-rated, as it will be available to children and child-like adults....

Happy trails to you ....
Steve Streeper
Arco, Idaho
PS - I'm a motorcycle NOVICE, but will be happy to help answer questions if possible. I'm relying on YOU guys to provide the expertise!


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trying to contact in athena oregon jean and larry nye

if anybody in athena oregon knows how i can contact jean and larry nye who have lived there in athena oregon for a long time /

Re: trying to contact in athena oregon jean and larry nye

Concerns about internet security, ID security, scams, spam, etc - prevent me from providing the information you request . . . though it doesn't seem hard to find.

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