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Dirt Squirt Chrome Tank

I am in the processes or getting everything I need to restore my 73 Dirt Squirt which I have owned since I bought it new. The Chrome has some rust in and out as well as some small dents. Does anyone refurbish these tanks? Is there an alternative i.e. someone who makes tanks?

Re: Dirt Squirt Chrome Tank

Rick. These tanks are rare and pricy in good condition because they are identical to the one used on the popular Combat Wombat. Any chrome tank from a Hodaka will work. The less valuable and more common Ace tank is just a bit bigger, but fits fine. I believe an early model 99 Road Toad green tank will fit, and they can be found for $25.00 on ebay and painted any color you want. The last one I had replated cost me $300.00.

Re: Dirt Squirt Chrome Tank

Brian, thanks for the info. I have three chrome tanks, each with some minor dents and a bit of rust pitting. What I am really looking for is a way to restore one or all to new condition. Does anyone recondition tanks (i.e. take out dents and re-chrome)? There must be someone out there with this type of capability. I have seached the web but have not yet found one.

Re: Dirt Squirt Chrome Tank

Contact Gregg or Diane of California Hodaka

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