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Green Mom Finds and Thrifty Parenting

I don't know about all of you, but I am a coupon clipper, thrift shopper, and I try to get what's best for my family within reason.

I've been checking out this blog and it has some pretty good stuff! They have lots of giveaways and information for being "green".

Are there any other suggestions for blogs or sites that have great deals or thrifty ideas??

Re: Green Mom Finds and Thrifty Parenting

There's some great information on this site. Thanks for passing it along, Wendy!

Re: Green Mom Finds and Thrifty Parenting

Thanks for sharing the site. As a family of 4, currently living on just my husband's income, and me going to school full time, we try to stretch our dollar ANY way we can. -And I'm all for being "green" while I'm doing it.

This is one site that I visit every now and then... I'm not sure where you live, b/c some of the specials she shares are not always applicable where I live, but she shares enough good tips/links that I keep going back! ;)

And this is another....

Hope these may be of help to you.