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Re: Re: Re: Help Help

Sounds like your lake is too thick to swim in and too thin to plough. Hopefully we can make it your way sometime. OJ

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Yes, OJ,

Thanks for the reply. I have printed out everything on a few lakes that are posted on your site here. Living in Perry, OK, Perry Lake on the site caught my attention to. It looks pretty awesome. I will have to make a trip up there for sure.

Our Perry Lake is not bad for the convenience and it is very quiet without hardly any traffic on it anymore. It catches some pretty good wind but the shape kind of screws the wind directions up alot on the short half mile reach with any southerly wind direction. The water is thick brown most of the time when it is windy also. We kid that you'd better not fall or you will actually get scrapes and abrasions from the water if you do, but just one dip and you have an instant tan. HA. Na it's not that bad but even when it is clearer after a long dry spell, the best I've ever seen it is knee deep vision. I wouldn't advise wearing white either.

It works for me though. I grew up in a little house right behind the dam and we actually have old movie film of them building the dam. I've spent mega hours on that lake and absolutely love "The Ole Mud Hole" (we call it). We also have a 4 ball slalom course on it so...

If the winds not blowin' - we're goin'


If the winds blowin' - we're still goin'!

If I'm not conventional skiing, I'm "Wind Skiing" or now John has got me hooked on the catamaran for the 10 - 25 mph winds.

So if anyone is passing by heading north or south on I35, just take the south Perry exit on to Hwy 64/77 at the Cherokee Strip Motel and Sooners Corner Truck Stop Exit. Go west just 1/2 mile to Perry Lake Road. Follow the blacktop south one and half miles and "There She Blows!".

You can drive along the south side of the grass spillway over the south end of dam for a nice grassy launch site. Email me or call me if your coming and I will sure try my best to join you.

I would still like to get as much other sailor input and specifics as possible before heading up there Lake Cheney and Perry. It surely couldn't hurt. So if anyone has been there, I would love your input and recommendations.

Don Huff 580-336-5460

"Let There Be Wind"

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Hey Don, Great letter. Go to sailing spots on the web site. there is some stuff on Cheney that may be of help. OJ;$sessionid$MXT0LMIAABGETTZENUGETIWPERWRJPX0?pid=6

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Hello Hello Wind Warriors!

"And the Wind Doth Blow in Oklahoma!"

So ...

Blow Baby Blow

So I can Go

Rocket Cross the Water

On My Psycho Wind Machine!

The wind has been blowing stink here in Oklahoma the last two weeks and I still have not had the chance to get the boards out yet. I'm dying here.

I just ran into an old friend who is wanting to take up the great challange. We need to find about a 155 to 165 liter board like my Bic Rock and a 5.0 sail in good condition. Cheap to of course.

Actually if I could find another 5.0 and 5.6 North Infinity sails in great shape, I would just give him my old ones to help him out. They are still hanging in there for me but have been wind beaten up for sure.

My sailing buddy John and I ventured out last year and tried several Oklahoma lakes. Lake Hefner in right in Oklahoma City is probably the very best and there are alot of wind surfers there to enjoy it with. There is no camping there but you do have instant access to the city night life and hotels. I saw this kite surfing live for the first time there and this is a must do sport for me. Can anyone give me some education on this new extreme sport. I didn't get a chance to talk to anyone of the kiters that day. I see now somewhat how it is done but don't have a clue about kite sizes and other equiptment necessities or costs involved.

We also found Canton Lake out west of I35 about one and a half hours on Hwy 51 to be awesome. We've only hit good wind there once but man was it worth it. It is usually always windyest out in western Oklahoma. The Lake has awesome primitive camping right on the water edge on the north side, perfect for the sailors. Nice sandy beaches when the lake is down a little to.

We are wanting to venture up to Lake Cheney near Wichita this year. Can anyone forward me some info on the lake. Like where is the best place to primitive camp and launch. We will also be taking a catamaran as well. And where should you go should mother nature have a nasty fit. I totally respect the power of the midwest weather storms. I've lived in Perry Okla all my life.

John and I are also members and instructors in the Oklahoma State Sailing Club.

If there is anyone in our area who wants to learn any kind of sailing, the club has a superb facility and fleet on Lake Carl Blackwell just west of Stillwater on Hwy 51. The club has been growing by leaps and bounds under our Frenchman commodore Bruno who grew up sailing in the Atlantic. It is an awesome group of people to meet and enjoy any kind of sailing with.

Don Huff