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Re: Re: Re: WilsonWindJam

I don't think I met you last summer but I love Wilson lake and hope to be able to be there this summer. I can remember some terrifying moments on that lake and I'm looking forward to more just like it!

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O.J.& Friends

I'm already getting responce from people about a get together at Wilson lake this summer so I guess,lets go for it. I've reserved campsite #25 for june 20,21&22 which is the prime beach spot where we want to be. I also reserved campsite #24 for june 27 & 28 this will give us access to the beach also,but several of the prime spots have been taken already from the 27th through the 4th of july.

Here is some important information about Wilson lake. We will be located in Lucas Park which is 9mi. north of I-70 & Wilson,exit206 on highway 232 go across the Dam then turn left. Campsites can be reserved by going to our prime sites #22-42,this area was completely open today from june 20th to the 27th. so reserve your spot now.

I'm just starting to get this thing together,it's just an idea right now but I'm going to keep working on it. Wilson is a beautiful lake with clear water,great windsurfing and a nice campground and a new showerhouse and playground for kids right where we will be camping. We are however located on the High Plains of Kansas so be prepared for more sun than shade and lots of Wind. This is also prime time for Thunderstorms which are beautiful to watch but can be scary and violent to be in.So I reccomend that if you come be prepaired. We will have the showerhouse for a shelter if needed.

This will be a very informal gettogether so come if you can stay as long as you like and enjoy one of the prime windsurfing locations in the central U.S.

Thanks again

Terry Raymer

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O.J. & Friends

I really enjoyed meeting and sailing

with you all last summer. Just being around your group

was a big help and inspiration to me. I was very happy

to see some of you at Wilson lake in September. It was

so wicked out there I was gittenmybuttkicked! but you

guy's were wearin it out. I don't know if Joe ever

quit,has anyone seen him?

I've been wondering about your trip to Texas.

When are you going and what arrangments need to be

made. do you travel as a group or just meet? how much

money does it take? Does O.J. take credit cards?


It's the end of Feb. and I'm in the early

stages of planning an event at lake wilson in late

june. The calender is in our favor giving us a window

from the the 30th. then the 4th.of july the

following weekend. Wilson lake at the end of june is

one of the most consistently windy times of the

year.The temperatures will be warming into the low

90's with water temps approaching the 80's.The wheat

harvest will be in process and the fields are like

waves of gold with huge thunderheads exploding into

the sky in the late afternoons and evenings. This is

definitely prime time.

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We have had a ton of interest in The WilsonWindJam. With Terry's permision I will copy a couple of his Emails here.