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Wilson Wind Jam

O.J.& friends Thought I'd better make contact with everyone to let you know that the windjam will start on the weekend of june 18th. this year. One month from today,last year turned out good considering the lack of wind we had all spring. Some of you decided not to risk coming out but the ones who did had a great time,we had good winds for 5 days stright then the wind died and left us bankbound on the second weekend of the windjam. SA'LAVEE. This spring has been totally oppisite of last year as the winds have been blowing hard out here almost everyday last sunday we had winds 30 to 45 mph all afternoon! this weekends forcast is the 90,s and windy! I hope this will be a great year for us to enjoy lake Wilson. I know you,ve probabally been wondering whats happened to me and why you haven't heard anything about the windjam.I,ve been very busy with my business and haven,t had a lot of time for anything other than! The web site is still in opperation with dates and details at and don't worry about a place to camp there is always plenty of room! Again this year the windjam will be an informal gathering of friends in one of the best places in the midwest for windsurfing! I'll be there hope you'll be there too.