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Spring Potluck at Wigger

After talking with a number of you out at Pomona last weekend, we've decided to once again hold our Wigger spring potluck over Memorial Day weekend. As usual, the Wigger funds will buy a couple of briskets, sausages and some beef hot dogs for the kids. Everyone else brings their specialty dish to share with the group on Saturday night.

I've heard rumors of an actual organized swap meet over the weekend. We do have various members looking for gear, so think about bringing out what you've got to sell.

For the few of you who didn't make it out last weekend, you missed a great season opener - I think our best yet! The weather was warm and windy Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. Absolutely incredible. Hopefully we'll have a repeat over Memorial Day and miss out on any pouring rain, hail and/or tornadoes. Keep your fingers crossed.

Lastly, kudos go out to Jenny L. for getting the Corps to put down a gravel driveway out into the lake for us. At last there's a spot at the campsite where you can access the water without sinking knee deep into Pomona mud!! Thanks a lot, Jenny!