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Wilson Windjam04

O.J. I've been trying to get a message on the forum
today but haven't been able to get it done.I could
bring up your site but couldn't get to the forum,then
after a while I couldn't even bring up your site.I
need to get a message posted about the windjam,and
that now is the time to make campsite reservations.I
reserved site #24 last week but several of the sights
we used last year were already reserved. There are
still plenty of spots to camp,sites 10-22 were all
open as well as plenty of sites in the 23-42 area.I'd
would appriciate it if you could post this info. for
me. I'll keep trying to get the word out but anything
you can do will be greatly appriciated.We need the
K.C. and lawerence group to come out for a succesful
windjam! thanks Terry

Re: Wilson Windjam04

Terry: The regata that I was planing on in August has now been moved up to 10 & 11 July. It will still be Army Guard sponsord at Glen Elder Lake for recruiting & retention. If you could spread the word to the Colorado folks I would appreciate it.

Thanks Again

Justin Prochaska