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Organic Farming Forum Discussion
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Brochure Highlights Importance of Farms on Urban Edge

This seems so very pertinent when one considers our need for green spaces, greenhouse gas reduction, food safety, food security, healthy lifestyles, healthy foods and economic security for all.

Brochure Highlights Importance of Farms on Urban Edge

A new brochure produced by American Farmland Trust highlights the importance of farms and outlines steps that need to be taken to ensure the future of farming in western New York's Erie County. Erie County: Farming on the Urban Edge says that Erie County farms sold more than $89 million worth of products in 2000 alone, while area farm and food processing businesses
employed more than 8,000 people that same year. According to David Haight, American Farmland Trust's New York Field Manager,"Area residents may appreciate the scenic beauty of farmland and the value of local farmers' markets, but they often forget the incredibly important role that farms play in our economy, environmental health and overall quality of life."