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Organic Farming Forum Discussion
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Best Area in Canada for Organic Farming/Ranching?

I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice and perhaps point me towards some resources on this. I would like to buy land in a couple years to do organic farming, mostly grass-fed cattle and chickens (ie. meat production).

Where would be the best areas in Canada to do this? I'm including from Ontario westwards to BC. Taking into consideration whether the land is good for pasturage/hay, water supply, proximity to feedlots (don't want to be near them) and other possible contaminating operations, such as farms that use herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and various other things like that.

Anyway, any comments, advice, links, etc. would be welcome. Thanks!

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Re: Best Area in Canada for Organic Farming/Ranching?

would you consider northern Alberta?

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