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Re: soil

Sounds like your calcium and magnesium ratio is out of wack. Get a good soil test that gives you a ratio instead of ph.

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Re: soil

Have a good read of the site, and learn about the importance of minerally balancing your soil.
Successful organics relies on a minerally balanced soil, and mineralising your soil can be done all with organically appropriate mineral sources.
Organics or biological farming/gardening, is at the end of the day, essentially about promoting soil biological life. The benefits (soil structure, mineral release and recyling, beter water and nutrient holding characteristics, toxin buffering etc) derive from their activity, as nature evolved and intended.
The mineral nutritional requirements for soil orgnismsa are actually very similar to ourselves, and after all we are derived from primitive forms of life so it is perhaps not that surprising (apopligies to any creationists out there). Plants will be healthy if grown in a minerally balanced soil. Healthy plants are much less prone to insect and pathogen attack and are more able to cope with environmental stresses.Unhealthy plants are the ones that are prone to attack - again what Nature has evolved and intended. Organic farming in todays sense, is also as much about avoiding artificial fertilisers, and herbicides, pesticides, because these are very tough on soil biology, and also to avoid the toxins from these artificial inputs, which we also unfortunately dicover is often a result of big business not telling us the complete truth about them. Putting Organics in place in conjunction with minerally balancing your soil will get the most out of organics. Ignoring the mineral balancing will compromise the ability to realise the full potential of organics. Minerals seem to be ignored by most organic pundits. Why, I don't understand. Possibly too complicated. But consider, if minerals are not important, what's the deal with us humans taking mineral supplements (a multi billion dollar industry), of which organic farming proponents are also often strong advocates (of taking mineral supplements)? Hope this helps

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Re: soil

Thank you for the information roger. i just stumbled upon that website last night actually and it was very informative.
My question is in regard to testing and then balancing the soil. I live in Vancouver, BC and am not sure if you have any ideas on how to possibly test for the mineral ratios. Is there a kit that i can purchase, or would i have to send it into a lab for accurate results?
Also, any ideas on how to supplement for the imbalance besides buying mixes from the website?

I do plan to do some more research and i will update here if i come up with answers, but i thought i would as more knowledgeable people as well.
Thank you for any help!

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Re: soil

This site (Cyber-Help for Organic Farmers) has a pretty good index of soil- and water-testing services in North America that are available to Canadian farmers:

Soil and Water Testing Services Available to Canadian Farmers