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Trying to locate organic livestock grain & hay

I am trying to shift my goats over to organic production and need to source organic hay & grain. Sadly, I am having very little luck finding anyone close to home (Northern B.C.) (closest so far is Manitoba for anything but oats/barley!) It seems a bit absurd that there isn't a website for organic producers that lists what they have for sale (COABC lists what people grow, but that doesn't translate into what they are offering for sale to others) -- maybe someone knows of a site I haven't found?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Trying to locate organic livestock grain & hay

Don't know if you've tried the BC Grain Producer's Association
but they will know who in northern BC is producing organic hay and grain.

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Re: Trying to locate organic livestock grain & hay

I'm passing on a couple of replies that came via the COABC Listserve:

From Kandace:
I’m not sure where this person is in Northern BC, but there is a listing in the Prince George area for organic hay.
“Organic hay for horses, sheep, or cows, good quality, 1,100 lb 5’ round bales, $80 each or trade, local delivery possible. 250-971-2224 Salmon Valley”

From Marina:
There are lots of organic producers of hay and grain in the Peace.
Go to the COABC website, click on the PACS, and review the list of organic growers in the BC and Alberta Peace Region, you will find lots of growers there who will have hay and grain. Some of them will have hay and grain to sell. Try phoning Charlie Lasser in Chetwynd, Ed McCulough in Pouce Coupe, Richard Birley in Ft St John, Roesmary in Charlie Lake. There is a fellow near Chetwynd who was trying to sell hay recently, forgot his name and sorry don't have time to look. Try Andy Gregg, Silver Valley. Hope this helps,
Marina S. Buchan
phone: 250-499-2596

Re: Trying to locate organic livestock grain & hay

The Alberta government has a pretty good site with many organic producers listed in a separate section.
This is where we managed to find reliable and more affordable supplies of grains (as opposed to buying mixed feed). Plenty of hay producers as well.
For us trucking is cheaper from there than the Peace even though it is closer...

Re: Trying to locate organic livestock grain & hay


We have certified organic spelt cracks for sale and we are located in the North Okanagan.


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Re: Trying to locate organic livestock grain & hay

I wasn't sure if you had sought out livestock and feed through this avenue, but it's got a pretty comprehensive list:

Hope this helps!

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