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Organic Farming Forum Discussion
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young farmer looking for land

Howdy skies-

I am a recent college graduate shifting gears toward small scale organic agriculture. My fiancee, pup and I are looking to relocate to a rural environment with easy access to local markets. She is a freelance artist/graphic designer and I hope to make an honest living growing high quality produce.

We are looking for farm land in the rocky mountain interior, something west of Denver and north of the deserts of southern colorado and utah up into Idaho or wyoming even. Something with some sort of housing on site is preferred. Farming out of a tent is fun and all, but come on. For how long?

Land must have favorable southern slope, access to adequate water, proper drainage, somewhat virgin soil (the less history with chemicals and fertilizers the better, obviously) and again very important, the access to local markets.

The size of land will determine the scope of my intended operation. Ideally, I would prefer to have at least an acre for a market garden and another few acres for row crops. Both in need of adequate fencing. Further acreage would be easily used as pasture space, cover crops (very important), orchards or other trees, chicken coop space, apiary endeavors.

I am looking for a long term arrangement between a land owner looking to preserve the ecological integrity of their land while transferring ownership to a new generation. I have excellent credit, zero debt, superb references and work experience. I am open to explore varying methods of acquisition, whether it is a long term lease, crop share lease/buy, or the option of placing a conservation easement on the property.

This is a serious pursuit in finding an idyllic situation for both a potential land owner and myself and young little family. We are two driven, charismatic go getters looking to make a better lives for ourselves.

Again, we are hoping to relocate late summer and begin preparing this fall for the next growing season of 2012. Thanks for the time.


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