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Organic Farming Forum Discussion
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Chlorine absorption

Hello. On my property I have a nice loquat tree that has borne much fruit, which I have been eating in large quantities as of late.

On my property, I also have an in-ground swimming pool, which is always heavily loaded with chlorine.

My loquat tree is no more than 10 regular steps away from my swimming pool. I notice that all around the perimeter of the pool, to a few fet on all sides, there is plant life growing. The farther the distance form the edge of the pool, the less plant life there is, until the ground becomes barren.

The pool hardly ever overflows onto the surronding ground, so it seems the only other explanation for this is that the water is "seeping" through the concrete to the ground beyond, nourishing the surrounding plants.

I'm surprised this is possible, because the chlorine added to the pool seems pretty strong and anti-life; I figured it would kill the plants.

Anyways, my concern is that the loquat tree has absorbed chlorine from the pool, the fruit has become tainted, and that I have become contaminated as a result of consuming the fruit.

What do you guys think? To my mind, there is little doubt that I have been contaminated to some degree.

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