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Tamana Research Project


First, I would like to introduce myself as a non-professional researcher of toponyms and family/tribe names. My name is Zsuzsa (Suzanne in English) Magulya (or Magura, you can find this name in more than 10 countries as toponyms or family names).I live on the other side of the globe, Hungary, Europe. I’m 39, a free lancer artist. Recently I worked for a museum as an assistant on excavations.

The fact: There are thousands of name structures all around the world, that have the adequate in the Carpathian Basin, Central Europe, one of the places of birth of mankind.

A Hungarian teacher, Dr. Bator Vamos-Thoth discovered this phenomenon in Sierra Leone, where he was an UNESCO teacher in the 1960’s. Then he went to Hawaii, where he found the same phenomenon and gave it the name TAMANA. This name was found in more than 30 countries of five continents by now – for example: Tamana-Irik is a village near Kokopo and Gaulim. Our Hungarian Tamana was an ancient part of the village Palanka. Palanka sounds almost the same as Palenque in Mexico.

Bator had left a huge amount of research heritage, when he died on 1st of March, 2006:
Thousands of pages of notes, maps and 7500 names of 190 countries/territories. Only a very small part is ordered systematically.
I take part of this huge project: re-draw the old maps, and make new maps from a database by typing latitude/longitude data in Google Earth. Now, I’m working on Papua-New Guinea maps – there are hundreds of names, especially in the Highland!

Bator said:
„The Tamana Research Project, launched 27 years ago, is an empirical project focused ont he study of geographical, tribal and family names found in identical form in distant and only recently excavated sites on the globe. Through correlative reasoning and interconnecting estabilished scientific facts, it offers an alternative paradigm for the understanding of human history by investigating the metalinguistic dimensions of names. The essence of this endavor is that instead of seeking etymological and linguistical justifications, it has stressed the structural aspect of names as a basis of its examinations.
The Tamana research rests on a view that the data relating to the structural composition of names go back to the deep past of high civilisations of Homo Semper sapiens, witnessing the existence of highly developed cultures antedating those of the Susa, Körös-Tisza, Indus-valley, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Mesoamerican civilisations hitherto considered „most ancient”. The structural composition of 7500 names (e.g. ALA+MAND, BALA+TON, CHAKI+PATA, GARA+BA, HAL+IMBA, INO+TA, KAL+ONGA, KARA+BUKA+BURA, MAKA+RA, PALAN+KA, SALA+VARI, TA+MANA, TARA+BA, TISA+NANA, VARA+DIA, ZIM+BERI) found in 188 countries from the five continents show remarkable correspondence with those found int he Carpathian Basin and sixty percent are also existing Magyar family names. This is a reference to the 7500 name structures as witness to the survival of ancient, global and universal creating these name structures.”

You can visit our Tamana-site:
the official:
my site:
Could you help me in finding high resolution Papua New Guinea maps? How can I find more names of small tribes, forests, hills, mountains, small waters like wells, falls etc.?
You can also help me with a phone directory (family names!) Please, contact me by e-mail:

Bator was misunderstood by the Hungarian academic scientists, especially Finno-ugric linguists. A professor of geography told his students to look at Bator’s Tamana maps, but not to take them seriously. On this way more and more young students are getting interested in this field!

Awaiting for your answer,

Re: Tamana Research Project - by Zsuzsa Magulya - Apr 27, 2006 6:53am
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