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Open letter to PM after visiting PNG

Dear Sir Somare

Please let me begin by thanking you for taking the time to read this letter, as well as the kindness and hospitality I received during my recent visit to your beautiful country.
My purpose for writing this letter is the hope that success and prosperity will some day come to New Guinea and its people.
In addition to seeing kindness, generosity and hospitality in your people, it saddens me to say that I saw poverty and a sense of hopelessness as well. I am aware that in countless nations poverty is inevitable; yet in the case of New Guinea, a nation rich with resources and a healthy populace, believe it to be unnecessary.
I myself come from a nation that struggled under poverty and debt. The foresight of the leadership at the time has allowed Croatia to become an economically healthy, vibrant and modernized nation. The government achieved this by focusing on what the country would need in order to grow and develop, instead of allowing itself to become immersed in the seemingly insurmountable problems of the day. The main goals of the new government were to free educate the masses, improve infrastructure and communication technologies across the nation and keep low and order .
From what I have researched, it appears as though New Guineas GDP is significant - though none of the country's economic success seems to be reaching its citizens. It is my belief that a government's main function is to ensure that a nation is healthy and progressive, that its people share in the wealth of the land while ensuring sustainability for the future. New Guinea has rich crops, large off-shore oil and gas reserves, and an abundance of highly-sought-after minerals. All of these resources could be tapped to increase the nation's wealth, but more importantly, to ensure that the wealth is being used wisely and responsibly.
First and most importantly, the government would be wise to inject more funds into schooling. Education should be free for anyone who is willing and able to attend. A nation's greatest resource is its people; an educated populace is absolutely fundamental to progress. With free post-secondary education, New Guinea would be rich with physicians, law-makers, engineers and entrepreneurs within a generation's time. Educating only a privileged few results in a trickle of graduating professionals; free education would transform that trickle into a fountainhead.
Second of all, New Guinea will continue to have difficulty drawing businesses to its shores with the existing infrastructure. There are countless remote villages without land access, and the roads that do exist are in deplorable shape and plagued with bandits. Safe roads need to be built, maintained and patrolled. A country cannot function when its citizens are unable, or too frightened, to travel within it. New roads would make the countless resources of the nation more accessible, towns would be able to conduct trade more freely, and police, schooling and medical services would be more readily available to all residents. This improvement of internal transportation routes would make New Guinea a more viable location for business investment to the rest of the world, Australia in particular.
New Guinea is far wealthier than countless nations at the same level of development. What the nation needs is a president with the courage to stamp out corruption and champion a government that is unequivocally for the people. Invest in the nation's future; provide free education, build roads, increase policing, restore the public's sense of faith and security. Imagine the potential. Imagine being the man that history remembers as the benevolent, revolutionary leader of New Guinea - the man that had the intelligence and the courage to start the nation on its path to prosperity.
I humbly implore you to consider these things that I have written, and take the opportunity to propel New Guinea into an era of economic growth and widespread contentment.
Thank you very much for your time,
humbly yours….
Milislav Koric ,Delta B.C. CANADA

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