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Welcome all! Please use common sense and don't be abusive in your messages. We welcome all to openly discuss thier views, we are Bridge and Tunnel Police and that is the subject in this forum, no ads. Board will be strictly monitored. I have retired in Feb 2004 and no one wants to handle this board so it may go without usage unless YOU and OTHER BTO's use it and keep it going. I will continue to monitor it in my spare time.

Bill Reiner, TBTA Sgt Retired.

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Re: MTA PBA Attacks TBTA Peace Officers

I first read this letter from Sgt. Reiner this morning and was so infuriated that I was at a loss for words. Now, several hours later, I am still stewing about this and can't tell you how disgusted I am with this pissing contest the MTA "Police" seem to be having with themselves. Could one agency be so frightened, so threatened that they have to contact other agencies and request that they not give us courtesy because we are "ONLY" peace officers. I think the time has come to speak out against them and let our unions know that something has to be done. Until this is over I don't expect anyone that works for TBTA to extend any courtesy whatsoever to these great officers. If you see one trying to come into one of our buildings don't offer a hello or hold the door for them. Simply hold your head high and walk right by. We are the proud... and don't be fooled by hearing them say, "Oh, it's our union... it's not us!" Remember unions represent the membership and if they wanted to, they could put an end to all of this. Stand Strong.... stand TOGETHER!!!

Sgt. Rich Hildebrand CRU/SOD

(see... my full name BTO BOB C.)

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Replying to:

****NEWS ALERT*****

MTA PBA Attacks TBTA Peace Officers!

Informed sources have disclosed to the Bridge and Tunnel Police News information reguarding several letters sent out to State and Local Police unions calling on Police statewide to "not show or extend professional courtesy to any TBTA Peace Officers or members of their families". The letters go on to refer to TBTA Peace Officers in a very negative manner. This unprofessional conduct of a police union is an outrage. The MTA PBA has stepped up it's vicious

and divisive attacks on TBTA peace officers at a time when they should be united with us in the effort to protect Authority facilities against possible terrorist attacks or violence from outside forces, instead they are causing discord, disunity, division and mistrust amongst our two units of law enforcement within the MTA. We at the Bridge & Tunnel Police News call for all MTA police and TBTA peace officers to renounce such "Unprofessional" and "Unproductive" behavior and work together in a spirit of unity, and professionalism, to fulfill the MTA and TBTA mission to provide the public with a "SAFE" and "SECURE" Transportation system. A Transportation system fully protected by ALL MTA law enforcement personnel working together in unity of purpose and dedication to a job well done.

We as TBTA Peace Officers will do our share, we can only hope the MTA police will do theirs.

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