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Re: Welcome to the City of Oaks Pipe Band site!

I really enjoy the quality site, especially the number of tunes and accompanying words. The words give a better understanding as to how a tune should be played: remorseful, reflecting, proud, jaunty, etc. An internet search of bagpipe tunes fails to show this site on the first two or three pages, where it should be. While a few other sites may have more tunes, the combination of tunes and words is unsurpassed by any other web site. I recommend that you request being linked by several of the sited that are quickly shown during a search, and see what needs to be done to atract the big search engines to your site.

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Replying to:

Welcome to the City of Oaks Pipe Band web site. We hope you enjoy our site, and would appreciate any suggestions you might have for additions or improvements to it.

Thanks for visiting us!