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Synthetic GHB chanter reed

Does anyone have personal, first hand knowledge/experience using a synthetic GHB chanter reed? I am specifically interested in the performance and longevity of the Clanrye Synthetic Bagpipe Chanter Reed.

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Re: Synthetic GHB chanter reed

In regards to the Clanrye Reed as a begining piper; The easy reeds will strike in before the drones. Also breath control and pressure will affect the tonal quality some what. At about $45 a reed retail they can be pricey but don't need to be blown is as advertised. I have used the Clanrye reeds a few times and the biggest fault I can lay on them is they will split on the edge of the tongues. I've had two easy reeds fail in this fashion. I've yet to see how the medium reeds respond. Still if you'll be using the pipes where temperature and humidity change constantly it may not be a bad deal.