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Re: Re: Re: Wrongfully Convicted is proof law imperfect

Hi Al,

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sorry to hear you've also been spiritually abused by accusation and condemnation of law by both the legal system and mininsters, also family and friends. It is common, and the point of such suffering and sorrows is learn law not only sucks, and oft errs, but it is the accuser of the brethren: Jn 5:45, and a mininstration of condemnation: 2Cor 3:9.

Thank God it's only a "shew", and when we get to the end of such, end such properly (as written), then such law law never happened and "none perish".

God did NOT send his Son to condemn(law): Jn 3:17
JC did NOT accuse(law): Jn 5:45
God did NOT impute sin (law): 2Cor 5:19

Only the law imputes sin: Rom 4:15; 5:13
Grace and truth (about law) came by JC: Jn 1:17

Yes, the wrong tree has everything to do with law, for when revelationed, the allegory for good + evil is grace + law. So the law is good (by being added to grace, which is good, which God is), but also evil.

Deliver us from "evil" in Mt 6:13 is notably a done deal in Rom 7:6 : we are delivered from "law". Not to mention the curse, is "of the law"; damnation for all if any try and fail to keep 'all the law' and 'all the time', to a '1,000 generations' in Deut.

Obviously such was a mission impossible: Rom 9:31. All those who diligently tried to for 4,000 yrs, all failed to attain righteousness of the law. So law is said to be a schoolmaster, notably the sort witch fails every student; A schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ: "the end of the law", which notably had an expiry date ("fulness of the time" for such imperfect "part" one (the old part, childish part) of a two part "shew": Old & New "Testaments", about a third part: the "greatest" of "three" things). And law expired l-o-n-g ago. So it is said of the law, the puffed up knowledge thereof: it's "ready to vanish": Heb 8:13 and "shall vanish": 1Cor 13:8. Such speaks of Spiritual Adulthood putting away childish things: laws; so the God shew may end with "grace".

Paul calls law "evil concupiscence", noting in Rom 7 it's "another law" (the second in Mt 22:36-38 and in Rom 8:2) which produces "all manner of concupiscence": all manner of evil desire, and makes people do "wretched" things, then makes them feel condemned after. The news is full of horror stories about adults, even priests, who did "wretched" things they would not do, the forbidden things of law, which the Bible reveals is the result of law, evil concupiscence thereof. That is why JC said God said, concerning children: forbid (law) them not. For law creates in people, especially in unlearned children and childish-adults not yet weaned from law, the evil desire (lust) to do the very things forbidden.

We are delivered from (evil) law and lies thereof, by grace and truth (about the law); the objective being to grow up to Spiritual Adulthood, put away childish things: laws. Sadly many adults, including ministers, both political and religious, are as Childish-adults, going to & fro the earth with their laws, their rule of law, their due process of law, their cries that there must be, should be, a law, against something; When the Bible reveals the root of the problem is law. Adding more law only makes the world more of a mess, to the point of a latter end worse, by adults becoming "more the child of hell" (Mt 23:15) than previous hypocrites, fools, vipers, and blind guides who all sat in Moses' seat: law (Mt 23:1).

As for "charity" never faileth, and never faileth because it's the "greatest" of "three" things, as know-ing is above faith-ing and hope-ing; Charity is above the law, both sorts in Rom 8:2, even above being "right" (of left/right) to make others wrong (Christ is the end of the law "for righteousness"). Charity is above law imputing sin for the "hell" of it, then trying and failing to forgive one another via "another law"; Witch only produces all manner of (evil) concupiscence among man kind (adults) to the point they do forbidden things and feel "wretched", also produces a latter end "worse", and mega sorrows.

I have begun, and will soon finish, a seven web page study on "charity", which is an allegory for grace void of law law (both sorts of law in Mt 22:36-38 and Rom 8:2), as being what's above and beyond such law law. For "charity" is as Spiritual Adulthood, which is notably "above" forgiving one another, because it's above the sounding brass (accounted as "nothing" rather than everything) of "law" imputing "sin" for the "hell" of it, as many Childish-adults still do; Not knowing law imputed sin to any makes sinners all, and when sin is finsihed it brings forth death to all, as PLAINLY noted several places in the Bible.

For seven web pages about "charity", and why it never fails, see: http://www.godshew.org/Charity.htm

The "grace" of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Daniel Miles