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Re: Re: Why merciless wrath made 2004 end disaster us?

the KINGDOM,is=righteousness Peace and Joy!
right?sermon on the MOUNT?
WANT mercy=give mercy,HEY AM I ''getting IT?

Re: Why merciless wrath made 2004 end disaster us?

Hi Al,

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

You may be right, of left/right, but perhaps not yet getting it: understanding; Which is above such left/right, just as "a more excellent way" (the new and "living" way: charity "never faileth") is above broad/narrow ways, also above forgiving one another.

Looking closer at Rom 14, where it speaks of righeousness, and peace, and joy in the "Holy Ghost" (Witch can be followed by destruction, as it did for all them saved out of Egypt in Jude 5, via their grace + law is as life + death); And looking closer at the end of Rom 14, we find mention of "whatsoever is not of faith is sin". And going on into Gal 3, we find the same writer mentioning "the law is not of faith". So law is sin and sin is death by reasoning, when giving more earnest heed to what's been said.

Doing the math, or connecting the dots of Rom 14:23 and Gal 3:11, law is associated with sin, witch brings forth death: Rom 8:2; 1Cor 15:56; Jam 1:15. In fact law is both source: Rom 5:13 and strength: 1Cor 15:56 of sin, and notably a deadly "sting". Not to mention law is called a ministration of death: 2Cor 3. So the objective is not to jump the gun, nor get carried away with being right of left/right, but to endure to the end to be saved, instead of saved + destroyed by getting suckered with grace + law.

And when comparing Holy Ghost vs Holy Spirit, as if two spirits of error vs truth in 1Jn 4 we should try to see which is witch, we find in Heb 3 the Holy Ghost is easily "provoked" by some to destroy all, and can be "tempted", two things that God is not.

So, let us give more earnest heed to what's been said, as noted in Heb 2, to "escape" law worketh wrath, destruction thereof such a "snare" and deadly "sting" of devilish law => sin => death. Let us "consider", as noted in Heb 3, the man "Christ Jesus" (law thereof, temporal life thereof), and Mosaic law of the Holy "Ghost", as if Destroyer. Let us consider the end of Hebrews is "Grace with you all. Amen." (not law with you all, nor a dble Amen, amen to being blessed + cursed by grace + law).

Let us not get carried away with "righteousness" in the Holy "Ghost", for "Christ" of "Jesus Christ" is the end of the law "for righteousness" of such left/right. Not to mention all those who tried to attain righteousness of the law failed to in Rom 9:31.

Let us not get carried away with false peace, when the pattern was "division" (not peace) before the cross and "peace" (not division) after the cross, where law got nailed as the "enmity". Not to mention "them" who say: "Peace and safety" (Grace and law, safety in law, in rule of law, in due process of law, saying there must be or should be a law) all get "destruction" upon them for what they say, and it's notably the "no escape" sort in 1Thess 5:3, and for "them all" in Lk 17: 27-30 via their Son of Man, which is not the Son of God, for God is not a man.

Let us not get carried away with joy in the Holy Ghost, as many do; And as if taking joy or pleasure in brethren being tormented or killed by childish law law imputing sin for the "hell" of it. Taking joy, pleasure, or being law "blessed" by reading or hearing of it, as in Rev 1:3, is $ick-o (in my opinion). For "that God" in "Christ" reconciling the world unto himself, did NOT impute transgression (sin); For law imputed sin makes sinners all, and sin when "it is finished", brings forth death (upon all, even upon those who did not law or sin: Rom 5:14).

God notably took no pleasure in sacrifice: Ps 40:6; Neither requested nor wanted any sacrifice, which is "of the law": Hos 6:6; Mt 9:13; Heb 10. The point being "sacrifice" (slaughter) which is "of the law", of "law worketh wrath", is "destruction"; rather than salvation. Salvation is by "grace" void of law law.

The point of the allegoric God Shew is to shew who is the only Potentate of Law or Grace (Christ Jesus or Jesus Christ; Son of Man or Son of God; Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit). It is His Grace, the grace and truth of JC, the Spirit(God) of grace and Spirit(God) of truth which came by JC, making the truth known unto you, all the KofG within you).

The "grace" of our Lord "Jesus Christ" with "you" all. Amen.

Daniel Miles