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Re: Wrongfully Convicted is proof law imperfect

Three Wishes: Grace Mercy Peace.

Law demands perfection (only condition of Abrahamic covenant), but law can never make the comers thereunto perfect: Hebrews 10. And the evidence reveals law is imperfect itself, an unjust judge; So then why(?) are people still putting trust in law, which JC noted was accuser of the brethtren: Jn 5:45.

Here's just another example, of many, showing how law ruined the life of someone wrongfully convicted; Not to mention accusation can also ruin someone's life.

BRITISH MAN'S CONVICTION QUASHED AFTER 25 YEARS IN PRISON. A 41-year-old British man who spent 25 years in prison has had his attempted murder conviction overturned. FULL STORY:

"Grace (not law, nor grace + law) with you all", and a final "Amen" to that, is how the New Testament ends, and how Hebrews (a mini bible itself) ends, and how Pauline epistles end, and how Revelation ends, and how the Holy Bible containing Old & New Testaments ends. It is the end God declared from the beginning, in saying let there be light (grace, truth out thereof, understanding and enlightenment thereof).

The "grace" of our Lord Jesus Christ "with you all". Amen.