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Heb 12: Sinai vs Sion is Not come vs Come

Three Wishes: Grace => Mercy => Peace.
- at throne of Grace
- obtain Mercy for all
- for Peace with God thru J=>C: the end of the law

Dare to compare two allegoric mountains in Hebrews 12, to notice the moral of such allegory is the difference between "not come" and "come"; which is also the difference between law and grace, lie and truth, fear and love, ignorance and understanding.

Each of two allegoric mtns in Heb 12 has seven aspects: http://www.godshew.org/Sevens2.htm, and perhaps one of twain sevens is a menorah seven: http://www.godshew.org/Sevens3.htm, as is Gen 1:1 with two Gods in the midst thereof.

Perhaps since such things are an allegory, it is as grace + law being in the midst; whereas the other seven is a NT seven with one God in the midst, one God who is the judge of all, but not some unjust judge who can be hounded to change his mind.

God the judge of all judges all not guilty by virtue all law, whether written in stone and ink, being done away to establish His Grace as one winner take all in such a human race and such a revelatory shewdown, and as written: to shew [who is] "the only Potentate".

Notably when comparing the two mtns of Heb 12, we find they are Pauline compared as "not come" vs "come"; which is allegoric for God will have mercy, but not sacrifice, which is allegoric for God will have grace, but not law...

not law since Heb 10 reveals what meaneth the "I will have mercy, and not sacrifice" of Ps 40:7 and Hos 6:6 given again as a go figure in Mt 9:13 by JC.

Heb 10 reveals God was never pleased with sacrifice, which is "of the law", which is faulty and waxeth so old it is ready to vanish away (Heb and shall vanish (1Cor 13). Law shall vanish... Poof!

Poof goes the dragon, or rather the dragonic tail which did both draw away and cast down a third of the stars of heaven, as revealed in Revelation 12.

The "grace" of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Daniel Miles
www leader for 'poor goes the dragon'