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Jack Van Impe: Jack(John) of the impe family, eh

Three Wishes: Grace Mercy Peace.

In reviewing the Search My Site keywords and phrases most oft searched by visitors, I notice many have searched for Jack Van Impe on my site (go figure).

There is not much mention of such an impe, who says what JC said God said such deceivers would say in Luke 21:8, except to ask my mom: what's an impe?

And to mention he looks like he belongs in a wax museum, even sounds like it too, for what he says the Bible says is so "old" (expired, had an expiry date which expired l-o-n-g ago "now" of then/now) that it is ready to vanish (Heb 8:13) and shall vanish (1Cor 13: . Poof goes the dragon, a flame out, no more left(behind) arm-a-gheddon $tuff nor gog + ma-gog stuff either, eh.

And so, to help all them folk vanish (rapture) who promise us (and for 50 yrs on national and international tv, in the case of Jack the Impe and other such TBN hALL of shamers)... promise they are gonna vanish asap, but then keep popping up again like a Jack in the box, eh)... and so to help them, I use my remote. With one click I can make them vanish. Click. Try it. It's the work of works, to helpmate them vanish, for in the end, the us-ward end the Lord is longsuffering unto, there is no them, only us, and the just us thereof. Selah.


The "grace" of our Lord J=>C with you all. Amen.