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Jack Van Impe: Jack(John) of the impe family, eh

Three Wishes: Grace Mercy Peace.

In reviewing the Search My Site keywords and phrases most oft searched by visitors, I notice many have searched for Jack Van Impe on my site (go figure).

There is not much mention of such an impe, who says what JC said God said such deceivers would say in Luke 21:8, except to ask my mom: what's an impe?

And to mention he looks like he belongs in a wax museum, even sounds like it too, for what he says the Bible says is so "old" (expired, had an expiry date which expired l-o-n-g ago "now" of then/now) that it is ready to vanish (Heb 8:13) and shall vanish (1Cor 13: . Poof goes the dragon, a flame out, no more left(behind) arm-a-gheddon $tuff nor gog + ma-gog stuff either, eh.

And so, to help all them folk vanish (rapture) who promise us (and for 50 yrs on national and international tv, in the case of Jack the Impe and other such TBN hALL of shamers)... promise they are gonna vanish asap, but then keep popping up again like a Jack in the box, eh)... and so to help them, I use my remote. With one click I can make them vanish. Click. Try it. It's the work of works, to helpmate them vanish, for in the end, the us-ward end the Lord is longsuffering unto, there is no them, only us, and the just us thereof. Selah.


The "grace" of our Lord J=>C with you all. Amen.

Jack Van Impe: Jack of the Impe family

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

From a brief look at a March 2005 JVI Presents tv show on Vision TV channel in Canada I noticed Jack of the Impe family is concerned about and aggressively defending his 1,000 year reign of vengeful Son of man theory, peddling a video called Another Hitler in which he says he speaks AGAINST preterists and four denominations of Christianity's Chistendom.

On the tv program he again rattled off scriptures (out of context), like a rattle snake poised to strike, to support his rapture, left behind, and millennial reign theories... alligning himself with other prophecy notables like Dr Grant Jeffry and Dr Hal Lindsey; even with Martin Luther, the Pope, and the revival of the Sanhedrin (dormant for 1,600 yrs), to try and bring (lost) credibility to himself, due to many internet ministries shooting holes in his rapture, left behind, and millennial reign theories. Apparently four denominations (according to Impe Jack) also openly expose such Impish theories as legalistic "dung", which oughta be 'flushed'. Yea!

Once again, and since those such like Jack of the Impe family (from such turn away: 2Tim 3:5) have been promising to, desiring to "vanish", for more than 50 years, I exhort everyone to help them vanish (rapture): use your remote (with one click them and their plural heavens, sides war thereof, return of a vengeful Son of man for a millennial reign, go poof).

For it is written: their (Rev 13) law <= law (Rom 8:2 life in "Christ Jesus", the reverse of "Jesus Christ"), their law<=law witch is sow old and faulty (2Pet 2:22; Heb 8), is not only "ready to vanish" (Heb 8:13) but such law<=law "shall vanish" and such law<=law "prophecies" shall also fail (1Cor 13:8).

For such like say what JC said God said many such 'deceivers' would say in Luke 21:8 (which Jack didn't mention, mentioned only Luke 21:9, and out of context to try to prove his theories).

And as for their rapture theories, whether pre, mid, or post trib; well, they've all missed it already. For "we all are one" already had two (false/true) ends to the last (not just the past) millennium; And the false end thereof such (Y2K) had a count down of 3 1/2 years, counted down from Grenich (from June 1996 to Dec 1999).

Such false end (Y2K) came and went without any "great tribulation" to many or any rapture of some only (to escape such Horeb-bull they imagined). Yet there is a true "escape" yet to come for us all, via "the end" (Rev 22:21) already written and notably having no mention of law at all. And like the end of the Merlin movie, where the real magic is, when "we all are one" turn away from law as one collective whole, it will come upon all as the alls well that ends well end whereby all live, and happily ever after we all are one do "from such turn away".

The "grace" of our Lord "Jesus Christ" with you all. Amen.

Daniel Miles

Re: Jack Van Impe: Jack of the Impe family

You are evil!!! In your America don't you say Freedoom is you (country). A difference of an opinion does not give you a right to be hate -full-. Grow up and read the bible, and get to know G-d first hand instead of thinking you know him because you disagree on your foolishness. All have gone astray!! Intelligence does betray. You think those in christ, are crying over what you think, in scripture your idiotics are a sign unto us. Their is an Heaven and Hell, whether a rapture to be or not to be, seperation will be regardless. That decesion is God. Get focus on Christ not JVImp. Those blind eyes can be closed forever anytime!!!! Their is JVI in heaven with his right or wrong doctrine celebrating with Christ where will you be?

Re: Jack Van Impe: Jack(John) of the Impe family

Grace (not law law) unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Charity is "not puffed up": 1Cor 13
But a prime example of puffed up is Jack of JVI.

Jack of the Impe family is still popping up like a Jack in the box, perhaps due to many childish adults tuning in to his gong show, and buying in to his dung peddling; And he's gotten so "puffed up" that when Pope John-Paul died (had an end according his works: life + death = a dead end, as noted in 2Cor 11:15) Jack even took credit for his works and also took advantage of an opportunity to dung peddle over 100,000 items of such like to both Protestants and Roman Catholics unaware his scare tactics of rattling off scriptures, and like a rattle snake poised to strike, are biblically accounted as "NOTHING" without charity in contrast to everything with charity(1Cor 13), and for clarity of charity nothing more than childish-adult "sounding brass" blowin smoke up yer ass.

What he says is what JC said God said a "deceiver" would say in Luke 21:8; Not to mention his law law "waxeth old" (Heb 8), and "sow" old (2Pet 2:22) that it is not only "ready to vanish" (Heb 8:13) but "shall vanish" (1Cor 13:8); Not to mention he even looks like he belongs in a wax museum, and his oral cockduggery is as blessed + cursed coming out the same mouth, which ought not so to be (James 3).

As for his 1,000 yr reign theory from Revelation 20, well converted Peter (only man called Satan in Bible) says be not ignorant of this one thing (and in accordance with what Paul said previously: such things are an "allegory": Gal 4:24): a 1,000 yrs [are] "as one day" (2Pet 3:8), perhaps the one day Peter(Satan) spent chained in jail in Acts 12.

Let's help both Jack, and his law law, to "vanish". Use your remotes to effectualize that Spirit u all chanGe from glory to glory: 2Cor 3; From such law glory them to His grace glory: "exceedingly much more" glory us:

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Re: Jack Van Impe: Jack(John) of the impe family, eh

Dear Ja Nine,

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for posting your opinion on Godshew.org's www Forum topic of Jack Van Impe being Jack of the Impe family.

Perhaps you have not noticed that Jack Van Impe has changed his opinion of Roman Catholics, formerly suggesting the Pope is anti-Christ, but now alligning himself with a deceased Pope many would rush to sainthood, just to sell more books and videos to Roman Catholics. My opinion of the deceased Pope John-Paul is that he played his part and got his end, which the Bible says would be according to his works: grace + law = life + death = a dead end. Not to mention he was quoted, in 1999, as saying "the long tradition of sacrifice must continue in the third millennium", being dead wrong on both counts: God said: "I will have mercy, and not sacrifice" and the third day is not another millennium, as noted by converted Peter in his 2nd epistle.

As for me being "evil", which is "law" in the Bible, this may be your opinion, not knowing both good + evil ends badly, nor having connected your biblical dots to realize law = evil. For when looking at Our Father, "deliver us from evil" in Matthew 6 and we are "delivered from the law" in Romans 7 it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the allegory for evil is the law, and the deliverance noted in Romans 7:6 is as answered prayer, the so-called Lord's prayer in Matthew 6.

My purpose, in exposing the likes of Jack of the Impe family, and others like oxymoronic Pope John-Paul, even Billy goat Graham, is NOT to accuse(law: John 5:45) nor to condemn(law: John 3:17; 2Cor 3: 7) anyone; Especially since God did not send His Son to condemn the world, nor would he accuse anyone, as noted in the Bible. But rather my only purpose is to foster and promote awareness.

The Bible notes two parts are played by many and few:
- "their part" : God is "evil" ("law") spoken of... by many
- "your part" : God is (grace) glorified... by few

They-sayers do "their part", and as the "many" who come, notably in the "name" of Christ, and notably to "deceive" many, as is noted in places like Mt 24, Mk 13, and Lk 21; the latter noting what such like will say, which JVI says. Not to mention the no escape sort of destruction comes upon them all, and notably because of what they say in 1Th 5:3.

In opposition to, and to withstand such who are on contrary part to the face as "able ministers" of Christ: the end of the law, we few who do "y(our) part" of "imperfect" and "perfect" parts noted in 1Cor 13 as being "childish" and "man"; We use "sound speech that cannot be condemned (lawed)" nor evil (law) spoken of, to make he that is on the contrary part "ashamed", and notably some how manage to do it without also making ourselves ashamed, as is biblically noted to do, and in places like Titus 2:8 and 1Peter 4:14. Look it up, see for yourself law and grace are "contrary" things. Minsters thereof are as 'oppsosed' as the letter which killeth and the spirit which giveth life, as if under-takers -vs- over-givers. God a Spirit is no under-taker of life, but an over-giver of life.

As for American democracy, one democratic leader was quoted as saying it is the worst sort of government, with the exception of all other sorts of government; And the "kingdom" of "God" is not a democracy where differences of opinion are mouthed by any, since it is what comes out the mouth which defileth the man(adult). Rather, as noted by Paul The Apostle to "carnal" Corinthians who feuded amonst themselves and thereby "opposed themselves", we should all say "the same" (Jesus Christ = "the same") things. For it is not just JC said, but JC said God said, and as the absolute word of the King of the kingdom of God: His Grace.

Ye say I am 'hate-full' if I dare to speak the truth out about yer precious Jack of the 'Impe' family, whose real (legal) name is John, and like Johnny Law turned back to what was behind him in Revelation, and did "sow" on the Lord's day, like a "dog" re-turned to his vomit, as noted in 2Pet 2:22.

But on the contrary I hate nobody, not even Jack Van Impe. For as JC said God said in Mt 5:44 and Lk 6:27: "Love(God) your enemies, and do good(God) to those which hate "you".

Like Paul The Apostle, whose notably an apostle of JC (not CJ, which is the reverse of JC), I have flushed all hatred by flushing all law, and thereby only grace all "brethren". Paul perceived all are "brethren", albeit some are "bewitched" and some are "carnal" and some are "childish" even as adults. Heck even some are still as "babes" when adults, as is noted of his Hebrews holy "brethren"(Heb 2) in Hebrews 5.

Paul's theme, to "brethren" all, is "I would not have you ignorant brethren", which is also the theme of "converted" Peter, notably converted by having read all the epistles of brother Paul (including Hebrews and Revelation): Peter, to his scatter-brained brethren, scattered by their broad way.

Perhaps you have not (yet) noticed there are two leaders of two ways in Mattew 7, the broad way leader leading all to destruction, the narrow way leader leading all unto life; and the eternal sort of life is via go on, to the more excellent way of three ways, also called the new and living way, the best of three things good better best, the greatest of three things great greater greatest, for only charity, the greatest of three things, never faileth. But whether there be prophecies, they shall fail. And JVI seems to fail to mention that in 1Cor 13.

Ja Nine, email alias: poet_of_the_dove, in case you have not (yet) noticed, "the end" of the God shew is already written. So it is not a matter of how does it turn out, for it turns out well for you => all, "Grace with you all. Amen (to that conclusion in every Pauline epsitle)"; No, not a matter of how it turns out, but rather it's a matter of how well "you" play y(our) part in "their part" vs "your part", and notably when "ye" [do err] are "made" perfect by "the God of all grace" (1Pet 5:10). Perhaps ye have not (yet) noticed mention of both "created" and "made" via Creator and Maker, the latter being the end declared from the beginning via God said: "let us make man"... which is to say let "us" make an adult, not let "them" create a child who is like unto the child of hell or worse: "more the child of hell" when adult.

And the "you all" in "the end" which is already written notably begins with "you", made perfect by "the God of all grace" (no law at all) who is "perfect", "also merciful". And of JC it is written: being "made perfect" he became the author of "eternal salvation", not of salvation + destruction. Selah.

The "grace" of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Daniel Miles
www leader of 'global reconciliation' unto "that God":
- unto "that God" of this & that Gods (law & grace)
- unto "that God is light" having no darkness at all"
- unto "that God was in Christ(end of the law)", not J
- unto "the only wise God" of foolish and wise Gods
- unto "the only true God" of false & true Gods(Ss)
- unto "the living God" of dead and living Gods
- unto "the God of all grace" (no law at all)
- unto "the blessed Potentate" of cursed & blessed Ps
- unto the King: eternal immortal invisible: His Grace

Jack Van Impe: Jack of the Impe family, JVI presents

Three Wishes: Grace => Mercy => Mercy.
(It takes 3/3 to make "1"; And AD=> "only")

I caught a glimpse of JVI presents on Sunday, January 08, 2006, and I began to '"LOL'" at his "waxeth old" law<=law.

Quoting Hebrews 12:1's end "run" requiring a "weight" loss, JVI notes he had an operation (obviously not the "operation of God" mentioned in bible), lost a lot of weight, but gained 'back' 10 lbs Thanksgiving - Xmas holiday season (average American gains 7 lbs during this devilish 'season').

So after spouting he's gonna be 'raptured' soon, he then says he doesn't want to gain more weight lest they have to build a BIGGER than normal coffin for him, at his funeral. What CON-tradiction, oxy-MORON, $uch live-Dead is-was.

Some body of "Christ" person pls tell Jack-y the Impe it's already too late for any of pre-mid-post trib rapture theories, for it's not only beyond 1999, not only beyond 2001, but also beyond 2003. It's not only AD=>, but the 2006th of AD=>. And since it's already the third day is also the seveneth when counting ("let him that hath understanding count"), it's end "run" time, "now" time to grace run to "he that endureth to the end(already written, Pauline written, aforetime, and notably for our learning), the same shall be saved" (only, not both saved + destroyed as these all by such grace + law).

Some body of "Christ"(of "Jesus Christ") person pls tell such (feminine)Impe, "that (feminine)fox", "that JC (not CJ)": "is come" (already), "came" with grace & truth (not law & lie) said that God said: the third [day] I will be perfected. And it's the third day.

I also noticed Rexella had her low cut blouse on, revealing she's had plastic surgery, skin grafting, for last time she wore a low cut blouse it was evident her neck line looked like snake skin, and even pulsed like it. A cover up, eh, and whilst talking of revelation, which is uncovering, not cover up.

Not to mention his boasting of adding 100 more stations are carrying his program, notably all in the "night" when the bible says the thief will come, in the day of the LORD, notably LORD ALSO, of the Sabbath.

But if one like unto the Son of man, who would notably come to "destroy them all"(Lk 17), again, if such stealing killing and destroying thief actually did come in the night, or come again in the darkness of ignorance, then it would the extinction of us all, since we may be neither of two thems noted in Heb 10:39, but we are "of" the better of two thems. And since they cannot be made perfect without us, well it would leave all imperfect, since we are notably "of them". It's a bit complicated, but it's allegory, an allegoric puzzle, an allegoric puzzle to assemble, an allegoric mystery to solve; and solve in time, by get help in time (Heb 4:16) lest by the using of ordinances all perish (you: all the KofG within you).

Thank God the Bible says, of such Impe-ish law<=law, it's "ready to vanish": Heb 8:13 and "shall vanish": 1Cor 13:8. So use your remote, "help" Jack of the Impe family "vanish".

Poof goes the dragon (the law)
and his dragonic cast dwn 'tail' with it.

TgooLJCwya. Amen...notably has no mention of _ _ _ .

Jack Van Impe: Jack(John) of the Impe family, eh

Interesting: when emailing the Impe at JVI their computer system has a 'guard' posted, who tries to get ya to first say things like TRIBULATION, APOCALYPSE, HORSEMEN; But if ya DELETE such 2nd finished trying to be first, it's CORINTHIANS etc.

The word, of God, is "sharper than any twoedged sword".
Your part, is to make he on the contrary part "ashamed"!
Are you playing your part well, or giving place to law law?
I will never leave nor forsake "you", but "ye" can go bye bye.
Love(God) one another, as I have loved(Goded) "YOU".
THE END of the commandment is "CHARITY".
Further-more it's charity "out of a PURE heart".
Much more abounding, it's "FAITH UNFEIGNED".

(Pst - "the law is NOT of faith" is "believe" <=vs=> "know")
(Pst - it doesn't say ye shall believe, rather ye shall "know")
(Pst - Know-ing is above and beyond faith-ing and hope-ing)

Charity - as greatest of 3 things, never faileth to win only.
Hope - ya only "hope" for what ya don't (yet) have knowing.
Faith - even the demons believe(faith) there is one God, eh.

Pst - good hope is a give 'place' thing, to a '2nd finished' the human race.
"Better hope" in "better testament" gives it "no place".
The first "finished" winner of the human race gives "no place" to 2nd "finished". Selah.
Thereby first finished "none perish", instead of "all perish" by the using of ordinances.

I "live" by the faith of the Son of God is not blind, nor stupid.
The faith of the Son of God both sees and knows all things.
Kinda like Luke 1st has: perfect understanding of all things.
Which is allegory-ic-ally to say I live by the "grace" of J=>C.
Say-ing = important for by yer silence ye agree to law<=law.

They say: is followed by "no escape" sudden "destruction".
What shall we say then, but NAY NAY to such LAW LAW.
For the second is like unto the first, it's law: sin and death.

(It's a "NAY NAY")
let it all out (if Disturbed),
these x2 the things I can do WITHOUT:
(James 3:17 reveals what 1stly pure wisdom: is "without")

Daniel Miles (for plan AA: Awareness is Approved)
Found er of www.godshew.org...
notably the www human race leader for
seek and ye shall find, find grace, in time, to help

Re: Jack Van Impe: Jack(John) of the impe family, eh

The IMP-Act of such impes?

Re: Jack Van Impe: Jack(John) of the impe family, eh

First it was the Pope is Anti-Christ. Then it was JVI and the Pope agree. Now it's killing Sadman Insane was like getting rid of Hitler. What next? What will you all believe? Sadly many will believe these lies.

But it's not about "believe"; For "devils believe". Rather it's about "know": Ye shall "know" the truth, and the truth shall make you free, of believe lies.

"Believe [it] not": Mt 24:23,26; 1Jn 4:1.
Knowing makes you free of believing lies.
Know is neither this nor that, of law law.
"Grace" is neither of two "law"s in Mt 22:36-40.
"Perfect Love" is neither of two loves there-in.

"More excellent" (never faileth any test):
is neither broadmindead nor narrowmindead.

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Re: Re: Jack Van Impe: Jack(John) of the impe family, eh

Daniel Miles you should not speak about god when all your message are Hate

Re: Jack Van Impe: Jack(John) of the impe family, eh

Dear Wind,

Grace(not law) unto you, and peace(not division),
from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is no hate in grace void of law; For pure grace is merciful and peaceful, not divisional nor hateful.

I do not speak about Jack the Impe for accusation or condemnation to anyone; Nor would I even want to be right to make anyone wrong; For such is divisional, and there is no respect of persons with God. Rather I bring forth awareness about what this Impe says, but purely for the sake of understanding, not to condemn him; For he Romans 2 condemns himself by law judging others. I wish he would either stop it, or vanish like he said he would for the last 50 years.

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Re: Jack Van Impe: Jack(John) of the impe family, eh

A paragraph: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; about Jack Van Impe (Jack of the Impe family):

Over the years, Van Impe has set many specific years and dates for the second coming of Jesus, but has continued to move his prediction later. Many of these dates have already passed, and he recently pointed to 2012 as a possible date for the second coming. Van Impe no longer claims to know the exact date of the Second Coming of Christ, but quotes verses which imp-ly that humankind should know when the second coming is near. Prior to January 1, 2000, Van Impe frequently predicted widespread catastrophe resulting from the Y2K problem, which he believed was a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. His predictions, however, proved inaccurate.

Why does this Impe, whose been promising he'll soon vanish for over 50 yrs, keep popping up like a Jack in the Box on National TV? It's because ignorant, gullible, foolish people keep buying the impish books, tapes, and vidoes he peddles; Not knowing he says what a deceiver would say, as in Luke 21:8.

Please help him to vanish.
Use your TV remote. Click.

We all are one.
Let us decrease our collective misunderstandings by increasing our collective awareness & understanding.

Again, we clarify such is not said to accuse nor condemn anyone, not even Jack the Impe; But rather only to bring forth awareness and understanding that what he says is not biblical truth: grace, but a lie: law. For the Bible is clear that law is corruptible, and faulty; demanding perfection: grace (Genesis 17:1), but is never able to make the comers perfect (Hebrews 10:1). On the contrary grace is able to make people perfect: 1Peter 5:10, but waits to be asked: James 1.

So this corruptible (law) must put on incorruption (grace) for this mortal to become immortal; Since corruption cannot inherit incorruption: 1Cor 15: 50-53; And the strength of sin's death sting is the law: 1Cor 15:56. Law imputed sin, when it is finished, brings forth death, not life: James 1:15. So 1Peter 1:23 notes born again is of incorrutible seed: grace, not corruptible seed: law; nor any mixture of law and grace: Luke 5:36,37, for contrary things cannot co-exist in peace, but Christ is our peace who abolished the law. Christ is the end of the law: Romans 10:4, not the mend of law: Luke 5:36,37. Hence reconciling the world to God is done "in Christ", not in Jesus, and done by not law imputing sin for the hell of it: 2Cor 5:19.

So take heed that no man deceive(law: sin & death) you. If they say lo here, or lo there, believe it not: Matthew 24: 4,23,26. For the kingdom of God is within you: Luke 17:21; Not lo here nor lo there on high in plural divided left/right heavens. Rather such is highminded, which is listed among unholy things in 2Timothy 3, which says: from such turn away, give it both cheeks as you leave such law law principles, such law vs law divided against itself, to go on unto perfection: grace void of law.

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.