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Insanity - Survey says more in America than elsewhere

Three Wishes: Grace Mercy Peace.

The world is being led by a nation where more than one-quarter of the people have genuine mental problems... here is the evidence:

"Insanity in America"
Printed on Thursday, June 03, 2004

By John Chuckman
YellowTimes.org Columnist (Canada)

(YellowTimes.org) -- It's always satisfying to have a pet theory supported by new data. A large and authoritative study, just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, confirms a favorite hypothesis of mine that there is more mental illness and insanity, far more, in America than you find in other advanced societies.

The study, led by a Harvard Medical School researcher, found evidence of mental problems in 26.4% of people in the United States, versus, for example, 8.2% of people in Italy. The researchers were concerned with matters such as lack of access to treatment and under-treatment, but for those concerned about a safe and decent world, I think the salient finding is simply America's high percentage. The world is being led by a nation where more than one-quarter of the people have genuine mental problems.

The finding is strangely both comforting and disturbing.

Full Text:

No matter, the God Shew has but one ending, the end of the law (no law, no dead end) once and for all, when (Rom 5:13) and where (Rom 4:15) his angel plays the last trump it:

TgooLJCwya. Amen.
Daniel Miles

Re: Insanity - Survey says more in America than elsewhere


It is comforting because it helps explain why Americans continue supporting a man proven wrong every time he opens his mouth, a man who has de-stabilized parts of the world in the name of creating stability, a man claiming sound business principles who has pitched the United States into deficit free-fall, and a man who arouses suspicion and fear throughout the world.

The study is comforting, too, because it helps explain an opposition candidate like John Kerry. How can liberals generate excitement over this stale, fly-buzzed doughnut of a candidate? I suppose the same way they get excited every time Bush's polls dip by something little more than statistical noise. Perhaps the same way a man like Michael Moore -- who makes gobs of money playing to the suspicions and prejudices of the paranoid segment of America's great political market -- could so eagerly embrace a crypto-Nazi like General Wesley Clark as "his candidate"?

The finding is comforting in explaining all those Americans shocked and appalled over The New York Times' recent apology for its drum-beating, pre-invasion coverage of Iraq's non-existent weapons. Here is a newspaper that, more often than not, comes down on the wrong side of human rights, always protects Establishment interests, always ignores abuses until they can no longer be ignored, and yet it somehow retains a reputation in America as guardian of treasured values and as the nation's newspaper of record.

Re: Insanity - Survey says more in America than elsewhere


But the finding also is quite disturbing. America, for many years to come, will dominate world affairs. The world will continue to be treated as though it were the backyard sandbox of the Bushes, Cheneys, Rumsfelds, Liebermans, Kerrys, Albrights and other privileged, selfish, and not particularly well-informed American Establishment figures.

I explain American insanity by a gene pool fouled with the heavy, early migration of Puritans, mentally disturbed fanatics if we accept the rather detailed historical record in Europe, plus the immense stresses of a society run along strict principles of Social Darwinism. An almost unqualified admiration for greed now dominates American culture. Yes, Adam Smith's "invisible hand" involved self-interest, but go back and read that thoughtful and compassionate philosopher and compare what he says to the chimpanzee screams we hear from America.

As to the stresses in American society, I refer not only to the struggle of individuals to survive there, but to the fact that the whole story of America has been one of unremitting aggression. It is the story of "a pounding fist," as Tennessee Williams' Big Daddy described himself.

My criticism of the United States is not concerned with how it wishes to order its own society, but about how its activities spill over into the rest of the world. Its actions in the world too often resemble those of an ugly drunk pushing his way into your living room and puking all over the carpet.

Re: Insanity - Survey says more in America than elsewhere


Iraq provides a textbook example. The net effect of the invasion of Iraq is a badly de-stabilized country, now full of people who resent Americans for their brutality and arrogance, where once there were undoubtedly many who dreamily admired America at a distance. Saudi Arabia also has been de-stabilized, as many warned Bush that it would be before he set his crusaders marching. Many old friends and allies, like France or Canada, have been stupidly abused for offering sound advice and declining to join the march to hell. Tony Blair's pathetic rag of a government hangs by threads after working against the clear wishes of the British people, and Blair has found the voice he thought he had earned in the councils of war arrogantly dismissed by Bush and his fanatics. Israel's state-terror in the West Bank and Gaza, cheerily accepted by Bush (and Kerry), has risen to nightmarish levels, and if you think that has no connection with all the hatred for America in the world, you are either foolish or qualify as part of the more than one-quarter of Americans who need professional help.

Oil prices are high and unstable, as are American deficits. International security arrangements, those things so loved by police-mentalities but which have never been known to stop real bad guys, are becoming stupidly cumbersome and heavy-handed. Yet America still supports Bush, no matter what its small tribe of liberals chooses to believe. Knowing America's record on small tribes, I suppose it's healthy self-interest to pretend enthusiasm for tiny dips in Bush's polls and for an alternative as insipid and meaningless as John Kerry.

While I am glad for the confirmation of my hypothesis, I can't help feeling, as with so many studies, this one does little more than confirm the painfully obvious.

[John Chuckman is former chief economist for a large Canadian oil company. He has many interests and is a lifelong student of history. He writes with a passionate desire for honesty, the rule of reason, and concern for human decency. He is a member of no political party and takes exception to what has been called America's "culture of complaint" with its habit of reducing every important issue to an unproductive argument between two simplistically defined groups. John left the United States as a poor young man from the South Side of Chicago when the government embarked on the murder of millions of Vietnamese in their own land because they happened to embrace the wrong economic loyalties. He lives in Canada, which he is fond of calling "the peaceable kingdom."]

John Chuckman encourages your comments: chuckman@YellowTimes.org

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Harvard Survey says more insanity in America than elsewhere

Movie quote Counterpoint, starring Charlton Heston)

Americah the great, where "all men" are created equally immoral

All men(plural)?
God did not say let us make men, but rather did say let us make "man", one man kind (of twain (before/after) options given to play out and see which is witch of twain), the "man" kind of child/man in 1Cor 13:11, the "perfect" man kind in Eph 4:13, the Christ of Jesus => Christ: the end of the law, which had an expiry date:

I wonder what(?) the real passion of the Christ is?
especially when considering there are twain of such, the Christ of Christ Jesus, which is mirrorly the reverse of the Christ of Jesus Christ, eh.

All men?
What will God our Saviour have concerning all men?
God our Saviour will have all men saved "AND" fully aware what they are saved (delivered) from: 1Timothy 2: 3,4. Hint: we are delivered from the law: Rom 7.

That God said: I will have mercy, and not sacrifice (allegory: grace, and not law):

All men? His witness unto "all men"?
Paul (in Acts). Paul "The" Apostle!

Salutation of Paul, by his own hand?
TgooLJCwya. Amen. (1Cor 16:21-23; 2Thes 3: 17-1

How does Holy Bible end in Revelation (Disclosure)?
TgooLJCwya. Amen. (Rev 22:21)

Re: Insanity - Survey says more in America than elsewhere

Guy, ap,
fGoF, atLJC

When USA kills more Iraq people than Sadman Insane did, and in the name of God & Son, it's a 'moral chernobyl', bwd worse <= bad, more the child of hell, more the hypocrite, fool, viper, blind guide than Sadman Insane was...

when such happens it takes ignorance to another level, the older lower BC level of willing ignorance mentioned in 2Pet 3, the overflowing level of law worketh wrath being added to mercy full grace is sufficient, by which an entire world perished except for 8 souls who also perished later on like all saved out of Egypt were both saved + destroyed in Jude 5;

for clever Noah did both all God commanded + all the LORD commanded, which was as doing both grace + law, which resulted in the whole world having a plague, a bad case of life + death = a dead end, a bad ending that Jesus Christ is come to save all from, by flushing all law thereof as if it were "dung".

Clever Noah endead in the hALL of shame along with all other blind faith heroes listed therein Heb 11, who notably all died + rec'd not the promise, as their just reward for their grace + law "works"... just as Satanic ministers of 2Cor 11:15 have an end according to their "works".

The fall out of Fallujah will pollute the entire world. The fallout of more proposed bills such as this one: http://www.cbc.ca/story/canada/national/2004/11/13/softwood041213.html, pollutes all of Canada with more of the same Bush league theft, more of the same unjust unfree trade.

Americans sure know how to make enemies, and like to keep all others enemies, for they can't even conceive of a world without an enemy... perhaps why(?) the latest Harvard survey says more insanity in Amercia than in other nations.

About the only enemy Canada has just now is the USA, more the child of hell witch continues to cry for freedom, and free trade, then add bondage to those suckered, via their unfair unjust unfree undemocratic tariffs, embargoes, subsidies, etc. It makes for bad neighbors in NA & SA having A in the midst with their dblemindead principles. But hey, as Americah's leader said: there will be "sacrifice"... unaware such they say in 1Thes 5:3 back-fires upon them who say such Peace & Safety (allegory: Grace & Law).

I don't like to make sides nor take sides; but when it comes to America vs Iraq, perhaps America is more the child of hell in such a Mt 23 "child of hell" and "more the child of hell" scenario. Notably both have one thing in common: they sit in Moses' seat: law. Yet Pharisee and scribe Jews had an excuse: they were under the law. Americans, even Jews thereof, don't have this excuse, they are not under the law. Unless, off course, they'd prefer a return to law worketh wrath and blasphemy the Ghost thereof unpardonable in this world and the to come... from their present state of being dblemindead law law.

Hello... is anyone there,
or am I speaking into a vacuum?

It's fwd 2004 "AD" =>,
it's not bwd <= 2004 BC,
nor oxymoronish 2004 AD + BC.

TgooLJCwya. Amen.
Daniel Miles
www leader for 'worse: more the child of hell'

Re: Insanity - Survey says more in America than elsewhere

Three Wishes: Grace Mercy Peace.

In defense of George Bush II and Americah at large, he and they are right on being uncompromising and on being optimistic.

Being uncompromising is Godly when directed properly with sound mind reasoning and for the good of all. For example we find God is uncompromising to the point all the lying, crying, and dying in the world does not move God nor change his immutible will one bit. Yet what His Grace is uncompromising about is law, rule of law, terror of law. His grace did not compromise with law at all, but rather abolished the law: Eph 2:15 to THE POINT of "blotting out" all ordinances: Clo 2:14, yea every Mosaic law written in stone and in ink is to be "done away": 2Cor 3, and to THE POINT law waxeth so "old" and 'faulty' (never makes perfect, never purges the conscience of sin) it's "ready to vanish": Heb 8:13 and it "shall vanish": 1Cor 13:8. So biblically we're talking the obliteration of "law worketh wrath": Rom 4:15, such merciless law, such merciless wrath thereof which recently happened in S.E. Asia... to the point of no law at all, not even a mention of it. Poof goes the dragonic law. Obvious benefit: no more "torment" from such "fear hath torment", which has become epidemic.

So be uncompromising, yes, but uncompromising with law: sin & death. Pouring 'rule of law' upon 'terror of law'(Deut 34:12) is law law. It's as pouring gasoline on a raging hell fire. It's as the second beast giving place and power to the first beast in Revelation; Giving such law place and power to steal, kill, and destroy. For such is what law does when it's "the beast which was, but is not, yet is". The "yet is" part is primarily an American push to 'force' their "more the child of hell" 'rule of law' on the world at large; using lies to justify it.

And for those who think their law is the better law of such Romans 8:2 law law; Well think again, for even the better sort is notably in "Christ Jesus" which is the reverse of "Jesus Christ" which is the only foundation laid we should build upon; Not to mention God given victory and peace with God is notably "through Jesus => Christ": the end of the law. Look at Romans 16 conclusion, even the conclusion of every Pauline epistle including Hebrews and Revelation, and you'll find there no law at all, as what's best of good better best, and for you all. Paul The Apostle is notably an apostle of JC (not CJ).

Sadly much of America is illiterate, and those who can read still don't seem to comprehend what they do read, especially in the Bible. And hence still don't know the difference between "Christ Jesus" and "Jesus Christ", nor between "will I" and "I will", nor between "am I" and "I am". Nor do they realize there are no real winners in any "Son of Man" sides war, for even the winners thereof are losers of peace.

War does not produce lasting peace, but rather fuels strife among brethren, leaving some thinking they are holier than thou, when the Bible teaches there is no respect of persons with God. Peace does compromise with war nor ever try to justify any war. Rather peace is the absence of war, the obliteration of war, via the obliteration of law.

For "heaven", which is "higher than the heavens" (wherein left/right sides war), has no "sides" to even take. For therein "the God of all grace" (no law at all) is "eternal" and "immortal" King enthroned upon a "throne of grace". Hence mercy, the "merciful" sort, is obtainable there when going boldly on behalf of all (for it's always all with God, not some only), and peace reigns because understanding prevails among all. So, "with all thy getting, get understanding".

The "grace" of our Lord "Jesus Christ" with you all. Amen.

Daniel Miles

Re: America has 76% of serial killers worldwide

Three Wishes: Grace Mercy Peace.

Not to accuse nor condemn America, but to bring forth awareness, another statistic is United States having only 6% of world's population has 76% of world's serial killers. In comparison Europe has 17%.

The USA, with around 6% of the worlds population, spawns more than three quarters of all serial killers, and records confirm a staggering increase. Between 1900 and 1959, each year would produce on average, 1.7 new cases. Through the 1960’s the figure grew to five a year, and by 1980 it had tripled. By 1990, it was 36 per year - which averages out to three a month, and represents a rise of 940% in the space of just three decades. The FBI have estimated that, by the millennium, serial murders could be claiming an average of 11 lives a day.

Info derived from television and from a web site: http://www.fortunecity.com/roswell/hammer/73/intro.html

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Daniel Miles

Re: Insanity - Survey says more in America than elsewhere

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Watching the movie about the Valdez oil spill in Alaska revealed America was more concerned with big oil, and the stock market, than with the land and the sea. Environmentalists cringe at more of the same.

Newest Harvard study reveals 43 million Amercians do not have any health insurance, and nearly half the bankruptcies in America were triggered by enormous medical bills, even among those with health insurance, the average out of pocket being $11, 854. Imagine a nation spending a trillion dollars on outer space and a couple hundred billion on pre-emptive war while people at home suffer such. The number one cause of death in America is still going to the doctor, number 2 being going to the hospital.

Several Americans have tried to tell me they are free. I usually respond with: ya can't even visit your neighbor Cuba without Presidential permission, and ya can't smoke a Cuban cigar, even in Canada, without fear of a $10,000 fine and a jail sentence. American youth put Canadian flags on their back packs when travelling Europe to avoid anti-American hatred. If this is being free, then: none for me thanks.

Fidel Castro commented on the 2005 inauguration of George W Bush II; said he saw a deranged face, added if only it was the face (to laughter of the world).

Many Americans I talk to via email are considering moving to another country since the last election. Many a mother is worried sick about her son having to go to Iraq, saying they joined the 'reserve' to help others, not harm others; are not trained for war. And if the reserve is being used, the 'draft' will follow.

The oddest thing I find about America, is lying and promise breaking is not considered offensive to many, who do it so oft they think of it as being normal. I usually tell em God bless America and no one else is not a be attitude in my Bible; rather it's a not be.

Again I clarify I'm not anti-American, rather anti-Ignorance, my own included (for you can't exclude yourself from "we all are one". The more I get the beam out of my own eye the more the whole world not only looks better, but also gets better. All I ask of American brethren is get the beam out; for project 2020 reveals China, not America, will soon be the next superpower. They are already buying up American debt, and hope to own it before they awake.

The "grace" of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Daniel Miles

Re: Insanity - Survey says more in America than elsewhere

Grace (not law law) unto you, and peace (not war), from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Perhaps not only American ministers, both political and relgious, have not yet learned that even the narrow way, the better of two (broad/narrow) ways in Mt 7, notably only "leadeth unto life"; And further biblical clarity about such Rom 8:2 law law is that even the better of two laws therein is the life in "Christ Jesus" (the reverse of Jesus Christ); or the temporal life of life + death = a dead end.

Whereas the "eternal" life God sent His Son: JC, and his witness unto all men: Paul, to lead us all unto is 'void of death', which is perhaps the third way of the third day, by which we shall "live" in his sight, via putting away both broad and narrow ways for a third: a "more excellent way" of three ways:

1. old way (broad) die by law: leads to dead end
2. new way (narrow) die to law: leads to life, but it's the temp life of life + death = also dead end.
3. new & living way (more excellent) no such law law (neither of two laws nor two ways nor two deaths, no childish law<=>law merry go round)

Perhaps we all need to awaken to the third way of the third day, grow up and put away all such childish merry go round law <=> law; For the first of two laws proselytes, making one "more the child of hell": Mt 23:15, and "another law" not only produces all manner of (evil) concupiscence: Rom 7, but also gives place to the first as if two beasts of Rev 13 law <= law. The result, and either way of such law <=> law ways, broad or narrow, many or few, is a latter end worse.

So let us put away both such law law in Rom 8 in favor of the higher exhortation in Gal 3: "ye are not under the law" (neither sort in Rom .

And let us put away both sorts of children in Rom 9 in favor of the higher exhortation in Eph 4: "be no more children" (neither sort in Rom 9).

And let us put away both sorts of serevants in Rom 6 in favor of the higher exhortation in Gal 4: "thou art no more servant" (neither sort in Rom 6).

And let us put away both ways in Mt 7 in favor of a "more excellent way" in 1Cor 12:31, which is neither the broad way nor the narrow way, for both leadeth unto death when revelationed (uncovered, disclosed); since the life the narrow way leadeth unto is the temporal life of life + death = a dead end. But the life God sent His Son to lead us unto is the eternal sort of life void of even the better sort of two deaths, which is void of all such law law; or void of both sides of a left/right Son of Man sides war, a blame game wherein even those who get it right only want to be right, and rightly divide the word of truth, to make others wrong: left (behind). Eternal life is above such "division", where "unity" prevails.

Let us realize if Babylon the great is twice fallen ("is fallen, is fallen"), from greatest to great (great <= greater <= greatest); then it reasons it takes two up risings to be reconciled unto God the greatest of three things great => greater => greatest.

Charity is the "greatest" of "three things", not just the greater of twain. Thereby charity "never" faileth. For when failure is given no place, by giving devilish law law no place, it is thereby not even option-all to fail. Let us all have charity, which is above spiritual things like forgiving one another. For when we all are one flush all our law law, there is no sin imputed, nothing to forgive.

The "grace" of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Daniel Miles
www leader for charity never faileth

Re: Insanity - Survey says more in America than elsewhere

March 29, 2007
ANTIDEPRESSANTS NO HELP FOR MOST PEOPLE WITH BIPOLAR DISORDER: STUDY. Prescribing antidepressants on top of mood stabilizers for people with bipolar disorder provides no extra benefit, a U.S. study has found.

Re: Insanity - Survey says more in America than elsewhere

Survey says: America has:
- more insanity (law law) per capita
- more violence (death by killing)
- more violent weather (eg: tornado alley)
- more "destruction", via "law worketh wrath"
- more body bags via law: "ministration of death"

Re: Insanity - Survey says more in America than elsewhere

lol at a related comment on Yahoo Answers:
Lunacy is rampant among fright-wing Christians.